Contractors - Tough As Nails


Contractor Jason McWhirter makes a point of attending the annual contractor barbeque hosted by Geerlinks Home Hardware Building Centre in St. Thomas, Ontario. Free food, soft drinks and door prizes are always a big hit with hard working contractors.

What made this year's event extra special for Jason, was the fact that he was the winner of the Tough As Nails Contractor Tradeshow Toyota Tundra event! As the lucky winner he was presented with a brand new 2013 Toyota Tundra 4X4 pickup.

Jason attended the London Tough as Nails Contractor Tradeshow, one of seven shows held across Canada this past winter. His ballot was drawn out of over 6,000 ballots entered at the shows.

Relationships are not created, they are built. Toyota and Home Hardware have been building relationships since 1964.

Together, those relationships have helped shape communities and a country. Whether you're a truck owner or homeowner, your local Toyota dealer and Home Owner continue to build relationships.

The Truck that's Tough As Nails