Spring Planter BoxWindow Dressing

Add moulding, handles, and Beauti-Tone stain to embellish a purchased pine planter box. Build a shelf for it to sit on, and accessorize with seasonal offerings for the best-dressed windows in town.


What You'll Need

  • pine window box planter 5055-355/356/390

  • chair rail moulding

  • brushed nickel cabinet pull (2) 2322-007

  • Beauti-Tone Trim & Door paint 1858

Window DressingHere's How

  1. Cut chair rail moulding to length and attach to front of planter box (see photo).

  2. Paint with desired colour of Beauti-Tone Trim & Door paint.

  3. Attach the cabinet pulls on the sides of planter.


What You'll Needplanter shelf

  • 1" x 6" pine • 1" x 4" pine

  • 1" x 2" pine • panel moulding 2905-205

  • pine shelf brackets 2540-506

  • 2" #8 screws 2180-856

  • Beauti-Tone Trim & Door paint 1858

Here's How

  1. Cut 1" x 6" and 1" x 4" pine boards to the length of planter. Butt the boards together to make a 10" top. Attach brackets to bridge the 6" and 4" pine with screws. For additional support, screw two 7" pieces of 1" x 2" beside each bracket (see photo).

  2. Cut panel moulding to fit around the front and two sides of the tray. Nail in place.

  3. Paint with desired colour of Beauti-Tone Trim & Door paint.

    Window DressingWindow DressingWindow Dressing

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