Serve Mom some love with breakfast in bed on a tray you created just for her.

Queen for a DayWhat you'll need

  • tube cutter 3306-988
  • screwdriver 1057-528
  • tape measure 048-330
  • drill 1240-062
  • 1/8" drill bit 1241-052
  • 3/16" drill bit 1242-612

  • old cabinet door 16" w x 24" l
  • 10' of 3/4" copper tubing
  • 3/4" elbows (8)
  • 3/4" Ts 3240-415 (2)
  • # 8 1 1/4" screws (4)
  • external hairpins (2) 5228-513
  • 5 minute epoxy 2040-006
  • stencil: Crown 1680-013
  • Beauti-Tone Cabinet and Furniture paint 1880/
  • Rust Coat aluminum paint 1822-399
  • stencil adhesive 2020-075
  • stencil brush 1610-344

Queen for a DayHere's How

  1. Cut copper tubing into the following pieces:
    • 1 center piece, 3" less than the length of the door
    • 2 pieces, 4" less that the width of the door. Cut each piece in half.
    • 2 pieces, 3" less than the width
    • 4 leg pieces, 9"
  2. Paint cabinet door front and back. Colour shown: Green with Envy.
  3. Stencil the crown in the center of the tray using aluminum paint.

Main support: On a flat surface, epoxy Ts on ends of the center support, and then epoxy 4 short pieces into the Ts. Put an elbow on the 4 ends of the support - DO NOT EPOXY.
Legs: epoxy an elbow on each end of the 2 wide pieces, then epoxy the 9" leg pieces into the other end of elbows. Lay flat to harden. Epoxy the leg assembly into the elbow of the main support. The assembly should fold up easily to the tray.

Attach assembly to the tray:
Measure and mark 1" in from the elbows on both sides of the main support. Drill 1/8" through the pipe. Position on the tray and fasten with screws. Invert the tray with the legs in an upright position. Drill a 3/16" hole through the side of one elbow on each end.
Insert the hairpins to lock the legs.

Note: Test tray for stability and leg lock prior to use.

Dry roller technique:
Roll paint on foam roller and then roll onto a padding of shop towels to remove most of the paint.
Dry brush technique:
Put paint on brush and then dab onto a padding of shop towels to remove most of the paint.

Home Hardware has a large selection of design stencils and premium quality stencil brushes to ensure a professional finish.

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