Window Dressing

Dress your windows in style with this window box featuring a design twist that will give your home great curb appeal all year 'round.

Summer Fall Winter

What You'll Need

  • 14" of 1" x 8" pine
  • 8" of 1" x 2" pine
  • 5" of chair rail
  • 3" of 1" x 6" pressure treated fence board
  • 1-1/4" finishing nails 2130-125
  • 1-3/4" finishing nails (tray) 2134-443
  • carpenters glue 2020-182
  • stencil 1682-352
  • stencil spray adhesive 2020-075
  • paraffin wax 4418-026
  • brush 1612-776
  • drywall compound 1625-753/860
  • putty knife 1630-266
  • paint, HC11 Drumheller, Accent SH18 Cameo Mist


  • jigsaw 1268-666/755
  • table saw or miter box 1346-620, 1038-139
  • hand saw 1062-049
  • planer 1332-668
  • hammer 1030-645
  • drill 1239-216

For The Planter Box

  1. Cut out sides and bottom from 1" x 8" pine at 34" long. Trim front edge at 12 degrees and trim 1/8" from the back (optional: plane to fit). Cut box ends tapered from 6" at bottom to 7" at top front edges.
  2. Assemble box by gluing and nailing sides and ends on top of the bottom.
  3. Trim top front edge and sides of box with chair rail, compound 45-degree miter at 12-degree slope with a table saw (optional: a miter box may be used at 45 degrees)
  4. Attach handles on the ends of the planter.

For The Tray

  1. Cut the base out of the 1" x 8" stock the base 34-1/4". Trim around the outside with 1" x 2" pine glued and nailed in place. Sand edges to 1/4" round.
  2. The insert that replaces the planter box in fall and winter is made from 33-1/2" fence board. Drive a sufficient number and length of nails through the board to hold your seasonal arrangement.
  3. Drill 1/2" holes in the bottom of the planter and tray for drainage.


  1. Glue two pieces (laminate) of 1" x 8" 16" long by gluing and nailing. Trace your scroll pattern on either end and gut out. Sand front edges to be 1/4" round.


  1. Find centre position on the front of the planter box. Spray the back of the stencil with the adhesive and position in place. Apply a thin coat of drywall compound with a putty knife over the stencil. Lift stencil off. Let dry. Apply the repeat of the stencil on other half to complete design. Let dry.
  2. Paint entire box and tray base colour. Let dry. Brush the lighter accent colour lightly over entire surface for a simple distressed effect. Highlight stenciled relief by brushing the highlighted area with accent colour.
  3. Apply a coat of paraffin wax onto the interior of the box. (It is important to do this step, as this will prevent the moisture in the soil from passing through the wood and lifting your paint and stencil design.)

Seasonal Embellishments

Window boxes are like great jewelry for your home's exterior. Plant your window box with great floras for spring and summer blooms that tie into your outdoor décor.

In autumn and winter, remove the planter and replace with the nail board and the tray. Fashion a fabulous fall arrangement from pumpkins, gourds, leaves and moss. I like to use pineapples, the universal symbol of welcome. Oranges , lemons, limes and apples all hold up well in the winter when they are frozen. (Skewer everything on the nails to prevent the autumn winds from whisking it all away.)

Have the winter arrangement ready for December and leave it up until springtime beckons at your door. Your home will project great style and warmth all winter long!

Window Dressing

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