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Colour Comes Home

Style, design and colour are key to making a house a home. Choosing the right colour schemes that match customer's décor, space and personal style should be easy and fun. Beauti-Tone's new Colour Comes Home Collection does just that.

As Canada's paint experts, Beauti-Tone's Colour Comes Home Collections give customers a photographic representation of the intended look and feel that helps them create a consistent and pleasing theme for their paint and design project.

Each collection contains 16 colours designed to work together, creating the perfect palette that makes it simple to create successful colour schemes.

Choosing the right colour and design should be easy and fun. And it is, with Beauti-Tone's unique Colour Comes Home Collection.

Colour Comes Home


DIY Projects

Beauti-Tone embraces our fascination with making our flea market finds fabulous and other DIY home décor. Every Colour Comes Home collection showcases "How to Get the Look" décor projects that are innovative and fun and that provide the designer panache associated with much higher-cost accessories.



Refined Instincts

Imagine Modern Victorian with the Refined Instincts Collection. It inspires a refined antique look of fine upholstery and textiles, chandeliers, crown mouldings and tufted fabrics. It emits historic but fresh.



Vintage Finds

If mid century retro with clean lines is the intent, the Vintage Finds Collection offers minimalist and geometric patterns that promote a bold and fun feeling filled with bright colourful combinations.



Lush Life

Think Martha Stewart meets Laura Ashley with the Lush Life Collection. The design is fresh, light, and cheery offering white-washed and painted furniture, wainscoting and floral patterns. It speaks of happiness and being at one with nature.



It's Just Natural

It's cozy, comfortable with a masculine feeling. It's Just Natural. This collection promotes oak woodwork and brown tones. Think big pillows, brown leather and textured fabrics that create a feeling of comfort.



Simply Stated

Colourful and Classic best describe the Simply Stated Collection. With a "Hamptons" feeling and many whites with pop colours, it conveys a classic shape design of rounded items and simple lines.



Comfort Zone

The monochromatic layering of different elements gives the Comfort Zone Collection a perfect restful theme. Tone on tone, neutral flooring and multi-textured fabrics create the feeling of calmness.



Urban Perspective

With urban dwellers who want to show off success, the Urban Perspective Collection provides just that. Brushed metals, deep tones and simple furniture make the modern loft lifestyle design highly sophisticated.



Fresh Outlook

For an upbeat feeling, the Fresh Outlook Collection is an industrial design with a contemporary and modern style. Shag rugs, movie posters and mixed media convey uniqueness and personality.