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Colour of the Year 2020

Honey I’m Home is liquid amber for your walls, SC 193-3 Colour of the Year 2020 exudes warmth.
This golden hue reflects the resurgence of camel in fashion and home. Bold and beautiful pure hue without being raw. How sweet it is.


Honey I'm Home

Blue Out of Proportion

Social Light



Honey I’m Home takes on a fresh appearance when paired with cool-toned neutrals and muted hues. This combination feels light and crisp with the yellow bringing welcome warmth and clarity to the predominantly shaded quality of the rest of the palette. This palette is the perfect application for bright and inviting living and dining areas. Furthermore, try the Blue Out of Proportion with Honey I’m Home for a more contrasted finish.


Honey I'm Home

Dark Decadence

Dark Decadence creates an elegant statement when paired with this warm amber. The defined contrast between light and dark will bring a contemporary feel to any room.