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10 Colours to Blossom Your Love Affair With Your Home

Have you ever spent a weekend, full of excited anticipation as you paint a room in your home, only to look at the end result and say, “AARG!” To help turn that AARG into an AHHH, Beauti-Tone Paint has identified Colours that WORK, ten beautiful shades that will ALWAYS look great, no matter what!

Colour affects us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Now that we are staying closer to home, creating a space that you feel wonderful and peaceful in is more important than ever. While for most of us, peace and joy starts with a fresh coat of paint, choosing a colour that you’ll love and that really works can mean the difference between boom and bust!

So how do we do that? It is imperative to choose shades that will give us a healthy glow instead of leaving us feeling chilled to the bone. Yellow can be a warm, happy colour. However, choose the wrong shade of liquid sunshine and your walls could move right past ‘warm glow’ straight to ‘positively blinding!’ The perfect yellow feels as good as that spring day when the sun warms your bare shoulders and you know winter is a thing of the past. Beauti-Tone’s ‘Love is Blonde DR98-0 is a ‘go to’ shade of yellow with green undertones. A colour that is flawless and true.

If the colour pink makes you feel downright tickled, you’ll will want to choose a shade that gives you the warm promise of a colour-hazed sunrise instead of the sticky yuck of stepping in bubble gum. Beauti-Tone’s So In Love DR66-0 is a perfectly pretty shade of pink that leaves you saying, sweet!

With Colours that WORK, Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Paint Division has done the homework for you, identifying exactly what works and what decidedly does not. When it comes to home décor, these colours are the best of the best blue, red, green, grey, taupe, pink, yellow and even white. Perhaps best of all, Colours that WORK will not only look great now, but they’ll also stand the test of time. These are not ‘trendy’ colours, but instead are fashionable colours, classics you won’t grow tired of.


This is the colour of your favorite pair of faded jeans. That pair that miraculously seems to fit just right, no matter what you had for dessert. Making Waves is an energetic attention seeker. You can dress it up or dress it down – it’s simply perfect.



Hands down Canada’s favorite red! Colour, like fine wine, influences from unexpected places. Confident and provocative Looks To Thrill a pure red gives off a rich warm glow. Fabulous on a feature wall this colour stimulates conversation and appetite.



Canada is having a love affair with grey and this shade exudes success and confidence. With its warm, not cool, tones it works perfectly in any home. Pair this fine grey with soft yellows or a misted mauve.



Choosing the perfect pink can be like playing to a tough crowd! Pink tends to ‘bloom’ on a wall so what might look great on a colour chip could easily take on a life of its own in a room! So in Love is a warm uplifting hue that plays to the crowd just right – somewhere between sweetness and sexy. It’s the perfect pink for all ages.



Happily Ever After is a magical colour, a softened purple blended with just the right amount of grey. If purple is the colour of royalty, look out Your Majesty because this colour is a royal treat for your castle.



Perhaps the greatest colour of all time, this amazing chameleon shade is absolutely no fail. Forget beige even exists. Count on this colour to look great no matter where you put it or what you pair it with!



This is not your mother’s Avocado Green! Like a spa treatment this is a green that is soft, reflective, rejuvenating and restorative. Just be careful where you paint it. It’s so relaxing that if you use it in a guestroom, there may come a time when you just may have to show your guests the door!!!



This cross between brown and grey is a colour you’ll want to wrap yourself in. Some people spend their lives searching for happiness and inner peace. Others simply paint with Seductive. It’s just too good to simply be called taupe!



Thank goodness for walls that brown is the new black! Not just any brown, though. Double Fudge Brownie is a colour sure to make you feel safe, grounded and comfortable. It’s kind of like wrapping your room in a warm security blanket.



The quest for the best trim colour ever is finally over! The perfect White is bright, crisp, and honest white that isn’t warm or cool. It’s simply right!