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1/2" Hot Water Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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1/2" Hot Water Thermostatic Mixing Valve

  • Item # 3285118
  • Model # 24501 CA
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A thermostatic mixing valve can be installed at the water heater or any fixture to distribute controlled temperature water through a domestic hot water system. The valve allows the water heater to be set at a germ-killing 140°F (49°C).

Details + Specification

1/2" Copper Sweat Connection
  • Delivers water at a maximum of 120°F (49°C) throughout the system: safer hot water from all outlets
  • Allows the heater to be set at 140°F (60°C) or higher: greater effective hot water volume yields less chance of Legionella within the cylinder
  • Unique, purpose designed adjuster tool minimizes unauthorized tampering with valve setting
  • Robust, low complexity construction: superior reliability, improved user safety
  • Every valve is tested for performance prior to shipping: specify and install with confidence
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