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12L Plastic Pet Waste Composter, with Culture Mix
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12L Plastic Pet Waste Composter, with Culture Mix

  • Item # 4435647
  • Model # GGP12
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Colour Family:


Volume Capacity:

12 L

Details + Specification

  • Easy and effective way to turn all of our pet's waste into nutrient rich organic compost for your lawns, shrubs, trees and ornamental gardens
  • If you already use a pit, the fermented waste will break down much quicker with no flies, foul odors or harm to the environment
  • Perfect for dogs, cats and all your pets
  • 'My Good Green Bokashi Plus' that is supplied with the system can act as a natural odour control for litter boxes, pet runs and cages
  • The 12 litre bucket allows the pet owner to ferment the waste in a safe and easy to use system, which also kills harmful pathogens
  • The airtight bucket also keeps flies and odors at bay
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