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18.9L Acrylic Textured Primer

18.9L Acrylic Textured Primer

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Safety, great looks – you can have it all. Available exclusively at Home Hardware, Beauti-Tone Textured Primer penetrates and locks firmly onto concrete and more to create an ideal bonding base for any of the Beauti-Tone Spreadable Stone decorative coatings. It's also an excellent slip-resistant finish that transforms all kinds of slippery floors into colourful, high-traction surfaces. It can be used indoors and out -- and can be tinted to many appealing colours.

Details + Specification

Granite Primer (Step 1)
  • Floor and wall coating
  • Apply Textured Primer to achieve an optimum working surface prior to application of your Beauti-Tone spreadable stone coatings
  • Textured Primer has a very thick consistency for additional workability two or three tablespoons of water per litre may be added
  • Textured Primer may be tinted (recommended)
  • Sometimes this is desired if you are going to use a grout pattern in your installation
  • Coverage: approximately 160 sq. ft.
  • Drying time: approximately 1 hour
  • Applicator: small roller or paint brush
    • Surface should be level and in good condition
    • Repairs should be made prior to the application of the Textured Primer
    • Scrub with TSP, rinse completely, allow to dry fully
    • Surface should be level and in good condition
    • Repairs should be made prior to the application of the Textured Primer
    • Option #1: etch with 1:1 solution of muratic acid and water, then scrub with a stiff deck brush and a strong TSP solution and rinse completely
    • Option #2: power wash surface - using unil with at least 2400 PSI pressure - holding nozzle about 3" from surface
    • Allow a minimum 28 days to cure
    • Allow 48 hours or longer before application
    • Surface must be clean and in good condition, free of dust, dirt, surface sealers and any other contaminants which may block adhesion
    • Must be at least 1/2" thickness
    • For best results tongue and groove wood is the best - it minimizes movement between sheets and fastened solidly to floor joist
    • Beauti-Tone spreadable stone coatings are highly flexible but it is still best to ensure precautions are taken
    • For additional security - apply a mesh and scratch coat to the wood surface prior to applying Beauti-Tone spreadable stone coatings
    • Can be tinted
    • Acts like a clear base
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