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2 Pack 18' x 30' No Weed Mat

2 Pack 18' x 30' No Weed Mat

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Tired of fighting a losing battle? Concerned about the environment and using chemicals to control weeds? Here’s the solution for putting the weed rake away for good. NOWEEDMAT™ will help you regain your waterfront property and allow you to enjoy it with very little effort and cost.

Details + Specification

  • Finally, cottagers can enjoy weed-free swimming, boating pleasure, and clearer channels; just simply lay down the environmental, patent, proven noWEEDmat
  • Full season, weed-free swimming, boating pleasure and channels
  • Durable - guaranteed 10 year life
  • Easy to position and store
  • Soft on the feet
  • Breathable, geotextile, sinks itself
  • Trim to suit your needs
  • Native and exotic aquatic weed information included
  • The Natural Marine Aquatic noWEEDmat is a patented combination of non-woven, needlepunched, geotextile made specifically to curtail and reverse aquatic weed growth
  • The unique capillary action helps gases produced by biodegradation to esape without ballooning the noWEEDmat upwards
  • The fabric is resistant to the effects of acids and alkalis and offers extreme tear, traction and puncture resistance due to the weave and tensile strength of the fibres
  • Due to high permeability, the heavier than water noWEEDmat sinks easily and properly weighted down maintains good bottom contact
  • The mat has an added benefit of being soft on the feet where stones, rocks or gravel are present
  • Reusable benthic barriers provide an effective and low annual cost, non-pesticide, aquatic weed control strategy for small beachfront and channel areas
  • 18 x 30'
  • 2 - 9' x 30' noWEEDmats
  • Installation instructions
  • 12 - plastic sandbags
  • 100 - plastic cable ties
  • 36 plastic end caps (should the customer decide to do a rebar installation - rebar is not included in the kit)
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