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236mL Early American Premium Gel Stain

236mL Early American Premium Gel Stain

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Details + Specification

  • A gelled stain that never drips or runs
  • Twice the coverage of liquid stains
  • Superior staining control
  • Low odour
  • Causes no grain raise or lap marks
  • Use on wood furniture, cabinets, molding and veneer as well as fibreglass, steel and composite doors
  • Recommended by Premdor for composite wood grain embossed doors
  • Surface must be clean and dry of all wax, grease, oil, glue stains and stripper residue
  • Stir only if clear liquid visible on surface
  • Sand thoroughly with progressively finer sand paper finishing with 220grit, and remove all sanding dust with a tack cloth
  • Old wood surfaces must be stripped thoroughly down to bare wood
  • Use a good quality paint varnish remover, then wash off with paint thinner
  • Allow surface to dry
  • Treat as new wood surface
  • Apply Gel Stain liberally to the surface using a soft lint-free cloth or brush, going first against the grain to fill the wood pores, and then with the grain to even out the colour
  • Allow stain to penetrate surface for 2-5 minutes
  • Wipe off excess stain using even pressure with a clean soft cloth, making final strokes with the grain
  • If stain effect is too dark, wipe with a thinner-dampened rag until desired colour is achieved
  • Apply additional coats for darker colours COMPOSITE DOORS AND NON-WOOD
  • These surfaces have a wood grain pattern printed on a smooth surface or an embossed grain effect on a white primed surface
  • Gel Stain creates the look of real wood by accentuating the grain pattern
  • The surface must be clean and dust-free
  • Do not wipe down with water and/or cleaners
  • Use paint thinner to wipe clean and allow to dry
  • Wipe on the stain in a circular motion going both with and against the grain
  • Gently wipe off excess stain working with the grain
  • Feather any missed areas with a brush or cloth
  • When staining a door it is easier to do when the door is off its frame and lying horizontally
  • Use paint thinner or mineral spirits
  • Caution: spread used rags flat and allow to dry thoroughly before discarding
  • Stain soaked rags are highly combustible and create a fire hazard when compressed and discarded
  • Averages 800-1000 square feet per gallon or 74-92 square meters per gallon
  • At 21'C and 50% humidity your project may be top-coated in 6-8 hours with Classic Clear Diamond Wood Finish (oil based)
  • Cool or damp weather may extend dry time
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