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26 Piece Metric Tap and Die Set

26 Piece Metric Tap and Die Set

  • Item # 1142-257
  • Model # 301370
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This 26-Piece Tap, Die and Drill Metric set from Mibro includes 8 matching Taps, Dies and drills made of quality Tool steel and coated with Titanium Nitride for a sharper more precise cut. Also included are the adjustable Tap wrench and a hex die holder. This is a precision set of tools for use on the Farm, shop or when your car deserves the best.

Details + Specification

Metric Tap & Die Set
  • 26 pieces
  • 8 sizes
  • Titanium Nitride coated
  • The most popular sizes of metric taps, dies, and titanium stub drills
  • 3-0.50mm tap, 3-0.50mm die, #40 TiN drill stub
  • 4-0.70mm tap, 4-0.70mm die, 1/8" TiN drill stub
  • 5-0.80mm tap, 5-0.80mm die, #19 TiN drill stub
  • 5-0.90mm tap, 5-0.90mm die, #20 TiN drill stub
  • 6-1.00mm tap, 6-1.00mm die, 13/64" TiN drill stub
  • 7-1.00mm tap, 7-1.00mm die, 15/64" TiN drill stub
  • 8-1.25mm tap, 8-1.25mm die, 17/64" TiN drill stub
  • 10-1.50mm tap, 10-1.50mm die,11/32" TiN drill stub
  • 1 Adjustable tap wrench
  • 1 Hex die holder
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