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3" 60 Gallon Drive Well Point

  • Item # 3170-491
  • Model # AGIH&W042
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A wellpoint is a pipe with openings large enough to allow water to enter and small enough to keep the water-bearing formation in place. This is a heavy duty ductile iron point that is designed to be driven into all types of soil.

Details + Specification

  • Heavy duty ductile iron point that designed to be driven into all types of soil
  • Stainless steel jacket and gauze
  • Crimped seam eliminates peeling
  • Epoxy bonding at critical points
  • Locked at both ends
  • Lead free seam
  • Pipe coupling provided
  • Threaded, octagonal shoulder prevents turning while driving
  • Forms large enough hole to allow clearance for pipe couplings
  • Jacket over gauze construction is permanently fixed to a perforated steel pipe
  • Assembly includes removable threaded point head and factory locked coupling
  • Pipe size: 1-1/4" x 36"
  • 60 gauze
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