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3' x 100' Roll Housewrap

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  • Model # TYPAR3-36
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3'0" X 100'

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Details + Specification

  • A weather barrier system's effectiveness is measured by the combined performance of water holdout and perm-rating
  • Typar offers the best balance, which helps prevent moisture and the problems associated with moisture in wall cavities
  • A Typar weather barrier withstands the rigors of the jobsite
  • Grab tensile strength is the preferred testing method for tear strength, and Typar performs at more than twice the industry standard
  • The average home generates 3 to 6 gallons of moisture vapor each day, a lot of which dissipates into the wall cavities
  • Typar delivers the ideal MVT rate, allowing moisture vapor to escape from the wall cavities, which helps prevent mold, mildew and water damage
  • Typar weather barriers will not absorb or retain water either
  • Typar provides superior air barrier performance in addition to preventing air leakage through gaps, cracks, or penetrations, resulting in improved energy efficiency
  • The Typar Weather Protection System is the smart choice for your homes
  • Excellent Surfactant Resistance
  • Typar will not degrade over time due to surfactants
  • Typar successfully resists cedar oil from siding and soaps from power-washing
  • Ultraviolet stability is vital to the performance of a weather barrier before it's covered
  • Even limited exposure to ultraviolet rays causes other weather barriers to deteriorate
  • UV inhibitors are in Typar weather barriers coating as well as its fibers, providing the ultimate in UV protection
  • Typar weather barriers offer a high co-efficient of friction against OSB board. Ladders are also less likely to slip when leaned against Typar versus other competitive products
  • Typar is less reflective than its biggest competitors and is less noisy
  • 9'6 x 95': HH #2648-219
  • 9' x 100': HH #2648-228
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