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3.4KG Anti-Slip Floor Coating

3.4KG Anti-Slip Floor Coating

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Paint Base:


Brush it, roll it, and slip no more. Excel Anti-Slip is a waterborne, acrylic based, non-cementitious, slip resistant coating in a brush or roller applied formulation that, when fully cured, is hard and tough yet flexible. It comes as a neutral base, tintable by adding the desired colour of exterior gloss, semi-gloss, satin acrylic latex, acrylic floor enamel or industrial acrylic enamel paint.

Details + Specification

  • Is a waterborne, acrylic based, quartz, non- cementitious, anti-slip coating in a brush and roll down formulation
  • It is environmently safe, non-flammable and non- hazardous
  • Is neutral in colour
  • Any decorative colour is available by adding the desired colour of exterior gloss, semi-gloss, satin acrylic latex, acrylic floor enamel or industrial acrylic enamel paint (on a ratio of 1 litre/946ml to 3.4kg pail or 3.78L to a 17kg paint)
  • Simply mix thoroughly when adding paint
  • When fully cured, it is hard and tough yet flexible
  • On horizontal surfaces its Anti-Slip on vertical surfaces it provides a heavy duty textured finish
  • It is weather resistant, impact resistant, salts and chlorine resistant when fully cured
  • May be cleaned up with water and after application, before it has dried
  • Versatile - anti-slip, protective, decorative
  • Weather resistant, tough and flexible
  • Easy to use - unlimited colour selection
  • Indoor and outdoor; walkways, patios, stairs, pools, decks, balconies and carports
  • Waterborne acrylic, non-flammable and environmentally safe
  • Machine shop, garage and workshop floors
  • Remove dust, dirt and debris using stiff brush or broom
  • Concrete surfaces must be clean and dry before applying
  • For best performance smooth concrete surface may require acid etching before sealing
  • Bare metal surfaces require priming with appropriate primer
  • All non-metal surfaces must be primed with Excel Acrylic Waterproofer before application
  • Allow sealer to dry for 2-4 hours before applying
  • Fill all cracks using a high quality, concrete patch mix
  • Allow to set/cure according to manufacturers instructions
  • Add the desired colour of preferred paint to the selected unit of Anti-Slip
  • Mix well with a mechanical mixer or on a shaker
  • Will take on the same colour of the paint used
  • The roller must be a synthetic or mohair type with no more than 3/16" nap
  • May also be applied by brush using a high quality polyester/nylon or nylon/bristle type only
  • Square foot coverage will vary depending on substrate and thickness applied
  • Anti-slip with paint added will cover approx. 150 sq. ft. per 3.4kg or 750 sq.ft. per 5 gallon at 20MIL (wet film thickness)
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