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34L 12 Volt Automotive Cooler/Warmer

34L 12 Volt Automotive Cooler/Warmer

  • Item # 8711361
  • Model # P-75
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34 L

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Forget the ice. This 36 quart cooler/warmer has capacity to hold up to 57 cans and cools to 40°F below ambient temperature. It features a state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling system, brushless motor, quiet fan for even air circulation, and a removable shelf. Use horizontally like a cooler or vertically like a fridge. For best results, load your Koolatron P75 Kool Kaddy cooler with pre-cooled food. On the road plug it into your vehicle's 12 volt plug to keep all your favorite foods and drinks cool and within arm's reach. With the optional AC adapter (sold separately) you can plug the cooler into any regular household outlet. This lets you take your Koolatron cooler from your vehicle right into your home or motel room to use as a personal mini-fridge. Like all Koolatron coolers, by simply reversing the plug connection it also acts as a warmer.

Details + Specification

  • No need for ice - thermoelectric cooling system will guarantee your food and drinks are cool while you're out on the go
  • 36 quart (34 litre) capacity can hold up to 57 cans of your favourite beverage - this makes it perfect for taking drinks and food to tail gate events, sporting events, or for your next family road trip
  • This cooler plugs directly into any car, truck or RV 12 volt outlet
  • Convenient lightweight and adaptable iceless cooler that even uses less power than your car's tail light
  • Cools to 40ºF (22Cº) - instead of throwing ice inside this cooler, simply plug it into any 12 volt vehicle plug
  • Also, perfect for warming your food - easily warm your food or snacks to 149ºF, or 65ºC - use it to keep your take-out food warm or transport picnics, or warm dishes to a family gathering
  • Use this cooler vertically or horizontally exactly like a a fridge - easily fits into any vehicle
  • Utilize the removable shelf - best for organizing and separating food and drinks within the cooler
  • 14" W x 16" H x 19" L
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