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3.78L Clear Through the Roof Coating

3.78L Clear Through the Roof Coating

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Is this your story, too? "I have sealed this same leak four times with roofing tar and each time, the leak returns." Make persistent leaks and repeated repairs a thing of the past. Get Through the ROOF!® This ultra-clear roof, gutter, and flashing caulk goes on easy and remains elastic year after year to permanently seal those nagging leaks. It can even be applied in the middle of a rain storm! It's proven to last 20 times longer than roof cement. Just say NO to leaks and repeated repairs and change your tune to "Five year leak GONE!"

Details + Specification

  • The clear, flexible, caulk that permanently seals around rooftop fixtures
  • Will not turn brittle in the sun or cold
  • Waterproof - repels water immediately after application and for years to come
  • It's clear, which means you can put it over tile, brick, and shingles invisibly
  • Won't blacken the look of rooftop fixtures
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Lasts 2-3 times longer than asphalt roof sealants
  • Will twist, bend, stretch over gaps up to 2" wide, or compress to absorb just about any movement a home can dish out
  • Clear synthetic rubber-based product contains no fillers or extenders and is not an asphalt
  • Cures by solvent release to an elastic rubber
  • Galvanized metal and aluminum flashing vents, downspouts, copper and brass
  • PVC and ABS vent pipe
  • Neoprene and plastic pipe flashing
  • Brick, block and mortar
  • Acrylic and polycarbonate skylight plastics
  • Roofing Materials Fiberglass / asphalt shingles
  • Cedar shakes, plywood and OSB
  • Water-based acrylic roof coatings
  • Cement, slate and glazed tiles
  • Asphalt roof cement and patch (may become discolored when applied over these products)
  • May damage polystyrene insulation
  • Do not use in areas of continuous submersion such as fish tanks or swimming pools
  • Can be used on rubber roof membranes such as EPDM (may wrinkle, but will not affect product or membrane performance)
  • Clean surfaces by removing all dirt and oil, and cutting away any loose roofing material
  • Surfaces previously sealed with silicone caulks should be cut away if possible or surfaces cleaned thoroughly with acetone solvent to get good adhesion as silicones can leave oils that interfere with adhesion
  • Foam or course bristle brush, rag
  • In colder weather (below 40 degrees F), storing product at room temperature before application will make it easier to use
  • May be applied to wet surfaces however, repairs made when the roof is dry are usually better
  • May not be applied over frosty or icy surfaces
  • Frosty surfaces can be prepared by cleaning with alcohol
  • Should be applied between 1/8" and 1/4" thick
  • Make sure it is worked well onto the surface so good contact is achieved
  • Embed a seam sealing tape in Through The Roof for repairing large holes and cracks
  • Tooling is the process of smoothing out the caulk bead to ensure good contact with the surface and a good appearance
  • "Float" lightly over the bead as pressing hard will remove too much sealant
  • A small putty knife with mineral spirits may be used to tool over the bead
  • A 10% soap solution is recommended to aid tooling if using your finger
  • Tools may be cleaned with mineral spirits or paint thinner
  • Cleaning hands with a citrus-based or waterless hand cleaner
    • The most common leak is around a pipe, vent, skylight, cable, chimney, parapet wall or anything that penetrates through your roof deck
    • Cracks, splits and holes can form in aging roof materials
    • If small areas of your roofing have become brittle, water can seep through tiny cracks, which may not look like a leak source
    • NOTE: Too much deterioration can mean you need to replace your roofing material (Through The Roof is not meant as a roof replacement)
    • Start by looking directly above the inside leak
    • Inspect pipes, vents and cables - anything which was installed by cutting a hole in your roof
    • Also check metal flashing around chimneys, dormers and parapet walls
    • Look for signs of pulling away, turned up roofing edges, cracked roof cement, rusted metal, loose and cracked mortar
    • Next, try tracing water from the inside
    • Leaks are not always directly above the leak inside because water can run between layers of roofing material and along pipes, etc
    • Look under your roof for a water path along ducts, pipes, beams and electric wires to trace it to where it comes through your roof
    • 1 Gallon can (3.78 liters) - brush grade 1/8" thick
    • 24 sq.ft., 1/16" thick - 48 sq.ft
    • Skin time: 30 minutes
    • Cure time: 1 week
    • V.O.C.: 550gms/l brush grade
    • Paintable: with latex paint in 24 hours or oil- based paint within 1 week
    • Surface Range: -25 degrees F to 180 degrees F
    • Application Range: 25 degrees F to 110 degrees F CAUTION - FLAMMABLE.
    • Contains toluene and other petroleum distillates
    • Sealant will burn
    • Vapors may ignite explosively for a period of 24 hours after application
    • Keep away from heat, open flame and chimney embers
    • Do not smoke near application
    • Turn off pilot lights and other ignition sources
    • Do not use electrical devices such as switches, motors, etc
    • Avoid using metal tools or objects as they could cause sparks
    • Use only in a well-ventilated area
    • Use within 1 year of purchase as directed
    • If at any time you are not satisfied with Through The Roof, return container or proof of purchase for refund or product replacement
    • Single family residential use only
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