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5-2 Day Line Voltage Baseboard Thermostat

5-2 Day Line Voltage Baseboard Thermostat

  • Item # 5570857
  • Model # YRLV4300A1014
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Details + Specification

  • 5-2 day triac programmable thermostat - separate programs for weekdays and weekends
  • Ultimate temperature control - the most accurate type of thermostat on the market
  • On-screen heating command indicator gives at-a-glance verification of power being sent
  • 2-wire on-polarized connection fast, hassel-free installation
  • Instructions inside front panel enable quick, easy programming
  • Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
  • Also ideal for radiant ceilings
  • Battery-free backup means no re-programming your schedule after power outage
  • 15 second cycles = 100% silent operation - ideal even for bedrooms - unsurpassed temperature control eliminates temperature swings - no temperature swings means you are comfortable to a lower set-point - comfort at a lower set-point saves money on heating bills
  • Save up to 33% on energy costs
  • Minimum load: 500W for 240V application
  • Maximum load: 3000W for 240V application
  • Minimum load: 250W for 120V application
  • Maximum load: 1750W for 120V application
  • Temperature range: 5°C-27°C (40°F-80°F)
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