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6' x 8' Smoked Kokomo Bamboo Fence
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6' x 8' Smoked Kokomo Bamboo Fence

  • Item # 5423620
  • Model # 6X8 KOKOMO SMOKED
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Assembled Product Length:


Assembled Product Height:


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This Smoked Kokomo bamboo fencing comes in 6' x 8' sheets with five galvanized wires strung through holding the culms together. It can be cut to any length or height. Perfect for skirting a deck or building something extravagant like a TIKI Bar. New Trend bamboo fencing comes in three styles Jati, Jati Smoked, and Kokomo smoked. Bamboo is the most environmentally friendly "wood" product on Earth because it is the fastest growing plant on land. It's not actually a wood but a type of grass. It grows at a rate of 24"-30" each day. It takes 30-50 years for a cedar tree to grow back after it is cut down for wood fence construction. Bamboo, on the other hand, can be sustainably harvested for fencing every 3 years. When comparing bamboo fencing to vinyl fencing, a petroleum-based product, the environmental benefits of bamboo become even more obvious and compelling. Frame not included.

Details + Specification

  • 25-30mm diameter culm
  • Frame not included
  • 6' H x 8' W whole bamboo fence with coconut string detail
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