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6kg Pothole Cold Patch Asphalt Cold Patch

6kg Pothole Cold Patch Asphalt Cold Patch

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  • Model # WS105261
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Details + Specification

  • Premixed formulation
  • Ready to use, easy to apply and long lasting
  • Excellent for repairing large holes and cracks in asphalt pavement
  • Apply with a trowel or shovel
  • Fill hole in 5 cm (2") layers
  • Compact repaired area with a shovel
  • Compact with tamper or similar device to fully compact
  • You cannot over-compact; If patch seems soft, it needs more compaction.
  • Wait 90 days before applying driveway sealer
  • Can be applied in any temperature
  • All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with solvent based cleaner such as mineral spirits
  • Black
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