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9L Flexrock Base Wall Texture

9L Flexrock Base Wall Texture

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Transform your home in a way you never imagined possible. From rustic, old-world texture to the feel of smooth polished marble, prepare yourself for decorative textured magic with FlexRock® Wall & Ceiling Texture. FlexRock is a unique stone coating technology that adds natural textured beauty to your walls in just minutes. No fuss, no mixing, no multi-step labour-intensive process. Just pop the lid and roll on beautiful walls.

Details + Specification

  • High performance surface coating technology specifically formulated for walls
  • FlexRock Wall and Ceiling Texture can be applied directly over new drywall and plastered seams as well as over pre-existing latex and glossy oil paint surfaces, concrete, masonry, primed or galvanized metal and wood
  • Except where a stain-blocking primer is required, priming is not necessary
  • Where extreme colour contrasts might be slightly evident (very light over dark), a second base coat of FlexRock Wall & Ceiling Texture may be necessary
  • As with any coating, proper preparation of the surface is key for long term performance
  • All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free of any loose material or substance that may inhibit optimum adhesion
  • Bare drywall and plastered seams should be clean and in good repair and free of dust, previous wall paper or wall covering glue and other contaminants
  • Plastered seams should be sanded flush with surrounding wall
  • Weak paint must be removed using standard removal methods
  • Glossy paint should be scuffed (**see safety measures below) with low grit sandpaper to encourage best adhesion
  • Clean the surface with Natura Safe Prep or TSP solution before coating
  • Must be clean, structurally sound and free of efflorescence and other contaminants
  • Must be free of oil, rust and other contaminants
  • Should be pre-primed with a metal primer to block formation of rust due to FlexRock's water content
  • All surfaces (eg., floors, baseboards, ceilings, furniture, other walls, etc.) not meant to be coated should be masked or shielded
  • Where FlexRock is spray applied, a quality vapor/dust mask (OSHA - N95 rating) must be used
  • Adequate skin and eye protection should also be worn
  • Where removal of old paint is required, lead dust may be released
  • Lead dust is toxic and can cause brain damage and other serious health problems
  • Before starting, visit the Health Canada Web Site for more detailed advice on protection from possible lead exposure
  • To block rapid moisture migration from the FlexRock coating into the drywall surface, use a spray bottle to lightly mist the drywall surface with water immediately prior to application
  • For flat base coats and paint finishes, a half cup of water should be added per gallon of FlexRock
  • Use a drill mixer for three minutes to achieve uniform consistency
  • If a drill mixer is not available, mix very thoroughly with a stir stick
  • Immediately prior to roller application, cut in corners and top and bottom edges of the wall with a 4" brush as you progress
  • Load a standard 10mm paint roller generously
  • Start at the top of the wall and apply FlexRock in 3 ft. x 3 ft. sections
  • Roll over the section two or three times until a uniform square is applied
  • Leave an irregular, slightly jagged line of product where you leave off (to avoid any linear patterns in the finish) and immediately proceed downward with subsequent sections to the bottom of the wall
  • As you go, feather the squares together where they join with light upward sweeps of the roller
  • With a vertical floor-to-ceiling section complete, pass a dry 15mm roller over it lightly to soften and erase any directional lines
  • Don't overwork and texturize
  • In warm, dry conditions, a spray bottle can be used to mist leading edges until adjoining sections can be blended
  • Continue to install vertical sections this way until complete
  • Blend them with previous vertical sections, square by square, by rolling toward and just slightly into the leading edge of the pre-applied section until they softly touch and blend
  • Then use very light roller pressure to softly feather the two areas together
  • Do not use excessive product and create shadowing where sections join
  • Stop application only when the wall is complete or a natural breaking point is reached
  • FlexRock Wall & Ceiling Texture can also be installed with an airless sprayer and/or hopper gun
  • Up to 750 sq.ft. for base coats and 250-750 sq.ft. for most texture top coats
  • Coverage may vary with roughness of surface and application technique
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