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A Passion for Giving

A Passion for Giving

Good things come in creative packages!

Good things come in creative packages! Keep it simple and innovative, and you'll discover the real gift is seeing the look on their faces.

Can It!

Purchase empty paint cans and hot glue a colourful array of plastic balls embellished with ribbon. They make the perfect vessel to camouflage gifts. Place a bike lock or bell for a new bike, or keys to a new car! Fill it with baked goods, jewelry, or tickets to a show. The ideas are endless! Attach a paint can opener for easy access to the treasure.

• 3.78 L empty paint can 1610-796Can it

• 3.78 L lid 1610-805

• 250 mL empty paint can 1610-750

• 250 mL lid 1610-769

• paint can opener 1610-260

• silver sequined ribbon 5650-052

• silver ornament 5618-147

• purple mini ornaments 5615-493

• blue mini ornaments 5615-496

• silver mini ornaments 5615-502

Pipe Dreams

Try this unique way to wrap up hard to disguise items like fishing poles, golf clubs, hand tools, kitchen gadgets, and more. Purchase ABS or PVC pipe and end caps in a diameter and length to meet your wrapping needs. Personalize the pipe with sayings, drawings, hints, or love notes. The suspense will be half the fun!

• ABS pipe, 3" dia. black 3252-081

• ABS caps, black 3254-784

• PVC pipe, 2" dia. white 3262-089

• PVC caps, 2" white 3262-686

• gold mini ornaments 5615-489


HOME has a cache of designer ribbons, colourful balls, and unique ornaments - all the necessities of a great wrap. Just grab tape and a glue gun, put on great tunes and let the creativity begin!

• flocked red and green ornament 5615-656Bows

• red sequined ribbon 5650-622

• red glitter ribbon 5650-045

• red mini ornaments 5615-479

• red ornaments 5615-500

• silver glitter ribbon 5650-046

• silver sequined photo frame 5610-022

• wrapping paper 5650-503

Dress to Impress!

Here are a few easy tips to wrapping gifts. It doesn't take any more time and the results are worth it.

• Cut the paper to fit the gift. Too much paper will create bulky, messy folds.

• Before you tape, always fold the outside edge under to make a neat, professional edge.


To fold the ends, start with the top edge, then the two sides.


Fold a bit of the bottom edge to create a clean edge before taping it to the top fold


Run your fingers along all edges to create crisp lines


Think outside the gift box and embellish the top. We used a mesh ribbon that is easy to work with.

final touch

Final touch. We added a whimsical Rudolf ornament that plays the music of Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer while the red nose glows.

• silver mesh ribbon 5650-055 • tags, assorted 5650-170

• Rudolph LED musical ornament 5619-839 • 8.5" scissors 4464-152

• transparent tape 5470-297 • wrapping paper 5650-550

• hot glue gun 2047-134 • hot glue stick 2047-573