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A Potted Affair

​What You'll Need
• epoxy glue 2040-160
• masking tape 1670-686
• hack saw 1128-078
• stones for the saucers and for drainage of planted pot

• 12" clay saucer 5057-005
• 8" clay pot 5059-688 (planter)
• 3/8" unthreaded rods 2192-132

Night Light
• 9.5" clay saucer 5057-004
• 6" clay pot 5059-679
• 1/4" unthreaded rods 2192-122
• 3/16" masonry bit 1244-870
• battery operated micro lights

Here's How
1) Mark the inside of the saucer in 3 equal parts.
2) Cut the rods to the desired length/height, allowing for 2 to 3 inches of rod to be inserted into the pot.
3) Cut 3 equal lengths of wood to support the pot at the proper height while being assembled.
4) For the night light, drill holes in pot with a 3 /16" masonry bit prior to assembly.


1) Insert the rods through the bottom of the pot, using the wood supports to hold in place.

2) Position the bottom of the rods on the 3 marks inside the saucer, then tape the rods to the outside of the saucer to hold in place. Apply epoxy at each rod to secure.

3) Seal the bottom of the pot with tape to prevent epoxy from going through. Apply a liberal amount of epoxy to the inside bottom of the pot.

4) Once epoxy is cured, remove the wood supports and tape.

5) Turn the project upside down and epoxy the outside bottom of the clay pot. Let cure.