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A Wine Rack with Vintage appeal

A Wine Rack with Vintage appeal

The simple yet interesting design of this wine rack combines the rich lustre of copper with a dark stained oak that creates an architecturally pleasing addition to any room - whether the rack is empty or full. If your "cellar" requires more bottle space, you can easily modify the design in length, height or both, with additional or longer racks.

Wine Rack

Step By Step

  1. Each of the three levels of the wine rack consists of five wooden rack pieces and two lengths of copper supports.
  2. Using a pipe cutter, cut six pieces of 1/2" copper pipe to size. Clean the cut ends with fine steel wool and set aside.
  3. Cut the fifteen 1" x 2" rack pieces andthe four 2" x 2" legs to size. The legs are formed by laminating two pieces of 1" x 2" wood together with wood glue and clamping them for 24 hours.
  4. Refer to the diagram. Using a drill press and Forstner bit, locate and drill 5/8" holes at the ends of each of the rack pieces. Drilling accuracy is important for proper assembly. Helpful hint: Use masking tape to tape two rack pieces together and then drill their holes at the same time to ensure accurate alignment for the copper tubing.
  5. Using the diagram, locate the centres for the copper pipe supports in the legs, and drill to a depth of 1" using a 5/8" Forstner bit.
  6. Sand and finish all the wood pieces.(It is difficult to do this after assembly.)
  7. Feed a pair of copper pipe pieces through five rack pieces, spacing them as shown in the diagram on page 22. If necessary, use a scrap piece of wood and a hammer to assemble the racks.
  8. Fit the copper supports into the legs, and after checking for square, secure with a little glue where the legs meet the outside rack pieces.

What You'll Need


  • tubing cutter 8676-747
  • drill press 1334-345 5/8"
  • Forstner bit 1213-804
  • mitre saw 1347-584
  • clamps 1023-154 to 190
  • measuring tape 1048-330
  • hammer 1030-558
  • square 1070-060


  • 1/2" copper pipe, 8 feet 3249-103
  • 1" x 2" oak, 28 feet
  • fine sandpaper 1233-793
  • fine steel wool 1665-068
  • SamaN stain: American Walnut 1871-623
  • urethane 1878-203/212/221
  • wood glue 2020-182
  • 1" masking tape 1670-481
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