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All Wound Up

Nautical inspired rope serving bowls are a creative addition to summer décor.

What You'll Need

  • ​manila rope
  • sisal rope
  • aluminum foil
  • non-toxic oil
  • hot glue gun
  • metal mixing bowl

Here's How

  1. ​Cover the outside of the bowl with aluminum foil. Lightly wipe the foil with non-toxic oil.

  2. Turn the bowl upside down and mark the center of the bowl bottom.

  3. Starting at the center bottom, wrap the rope using hot glue to hold in place. Continue wrapping the rope around the outside of the bowl, hot gluing approximately every inch to hold the rope together.
Halfway up the bowl it may be easier to turn the bowl right side up and then continue wrapping.
Nautical Inspired Rope Bowls
The rope bowl can be used alone when serving dry food.
Insert metal bowl for moist food.​​
  1. Once the bowl is wrapped in rope and the glue has dried for 30 minutes, slip the aluminum foil and rope off the bowl. Pull the foil away from the rope, removing any remaining foil with fingers or tweezers.

The popularity of upcycle projects may make finding old cable spools tricky, but you’d be surprised how simple building your own spool table can be.​

Shopping List

  • ​1” x 6” x  8’ pine (4 pcs)

  • 24” x 48” x 1/2” plywood

  • 12” x 48” concrete forming tube

  • sanding pads

  • multi-purpose construction adhesive (2 tubes)

  • manila twist rope


  • ​jigsaw

  • caulking gun
​Here's How

Top & Base

  • ​Cut the pine boards into sixteen 22” lengths.
  • Arrange 4 pieces side by side into a square and apply a thin, random pattern of adhesive all over.
  • Perpendicular to the first square, arrange 4 pieces side by side on top of the adhesive.
  • Repeat the above steps to create a second square.
  • Place weight on top and wait 24 hours for the adhesive to cure.
  • When dry, draw a large circle from edge to edge of both squares.
  • Using a jigsaw, cut out the circles and sand the edges.

Rope Tube

  • Cut the concrete forming tube to your desired height.
  • Trace 2 circles of the tube on the plywood. Use a jigsaw to cut on the inside of the circles.
  • Fit one circle snuggly into each end of the tube and drive screws around to keep them in place.
  • Take one end of the rope and tack it into the bottom side of the tube with a nail or screw.
  • Using a zigzag pattern, apply a thin amount of adhesive 12” up, all around the tube.
  • Start firmly winding the rope around the base. When you get close to the top of the glue, apply another 12” up and continue to wind.
  • When you reach the top of the tube, cut off the remaining rope and clamp or tack the end in place until the adhesive cures.​


  • Roughly assemble the table, then lightly trace the placement of the tube on the top and base.
  • Using a zigzag pattern, apply a thin amount of adhesive within each circle.
  • Reassemble the table and place weight on top until the adhesive cures.

Built a table, wound up in love!​
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