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Here’s How to Incorporate 2020’s Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Here’s How to Incorporate 2020’s Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Home Hardware has been helping homeowners create the space of their dreams for more than 55 years. Whether you want to do a full bathroom makeover or a few minor touch-ups, Home has the products you need to bring your bathroom into 2020.

Here are five bathroom trends to watch for this year:

1) Simple fixtures:

Whether it’s faucets, hardware, mirrors or lighting – less is more in your bathroom this year.

Accent your design with simple, minimalistic fixtures to give your bathroom a contemporary esthetic.

If you’re daring, go bold with a black matte finish to create depth and sophistication.

2) Textured tile:

Although white subway tiles are timeless, opting for a playful and textured tile can add dimension to any space.

These Mosaic Travertino tiles add the perfect addition to create warmth and elegance in your bathroom.

Remember to have fun and be creative with your tile inserts and borders.

3) Bathroom Oasis:

Make your bathroom more luxurious with the American Standard dual flush toilet.

With a glossy finish and sleek design, you can ensure your bathroom offers style, comfortability and functionality.

With the modern push button and neutral design, your toilet will blend in with any décor.

4) Freestanding tubs:

Elevate the design of your space by showcasing the architectural design of a freestanding tub.

The MAAX Oval Freestanding Tub makes a powerful impact to the design of any bathroom as it transforms an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like oasis.


5) Artwork:

Who says art is only for the living room? Design is all about personalizing each space, so bring your bathroom to life with beautiful and timeless artwork. Hanging photos, either black and white or full of colour, is a great way to add visual interest without committing to a bold fixed feature.

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