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Master the outdoors with a versatile and effective axe.

Axes are helpful tools to have in your home, garage, shed or toolbox because they're ideal for a variety of uses. Whether you're building a piece of furniture, renovating or just love having backyard bonfires, you need a good hand axe or wood axe readily available. Sometimes a hand axe provides an easier solution than a hacksaw or chainsaw. Planning a camping or hiking trip? Take a hand axe along with you to cut down firewood for your campfire or to help build an emergency fire if you get lost. An axe is also helpful to add to your emergency car kit to cut wood if you get stranded or chop ice if you get stuck.

It's important to find an axe that suits your needs and budget. Choose a reliable wood axe if you chop firewood often or love carpentry projects. Select a splitting axe if you have more specific needs. Or keep the perfect hand axe in the trunk of your car for camping trips and emergencies. Replacement axe handles and blades, chainsaw wedges and even chopping machetes are also available, depending on your needs.

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Axe Wedge Kit

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