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Basement Unit Air Extractor Dehumidifier Humidex G

Basement Unit Air Extractor Dehumidifier Humidex G

  • Item # 3824945
  • Model # UNS105 HUMIDX
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Assembled Product Length:



1500 SQ. FT.

Assembled Product Height:


Assembled Product Width:


Up to 50% of the air we breathe indoors has been in the basement. Your damp moldy basement could be contaminating your entire home, affecting family health, and causing structural damage. Humidex® basement systems take care of all those problems. Humidex® basement sleek, attractive units get rid of the musty smell and the excess humidity, effectively extracting moisture, odors, air pollutants, and drying out the windows, floors and beams. This specially designed unit for pony or knee walls is energy-efficient and durable. Vented like a dryer, there are no buckets to empty.

Details + Specification

  • For basement with 4 feet of concrete
  • Eliminates excess humidity, condensation on windows and stale air
  • Recirculates warm air from upstairs to the basement, improving heating and air conditioning efficiency
  • Reduces the risk of costly household repairs due to rotting
  • Aluminum unit with universal horizontal or top exhaust, servicing between 1300-1500 sq. ft. and an additional 1300-1500 sq. ft. above ground, based on air tightness of home
  • 115 volt plug-in
  • Air flow: 200CFM (installed)
  • Permanent mount
  • 6" outlet
  • 5 feet high with dehumidistat and variale speed control
  • Compatible with combustion appliances
  • Installation kit included
  • Energy efficient 31 watt full operation power consump- tion
  • Airtech exclusive designed non corrosive aluminum alloy cabinet
  • Pleasing cabinet design and finish allows for installation in any room
  • HVI certified member for airflow and sound
  • Dimensions: 51" H x 11" W x 7" D
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