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Colour Block Feature Wall

Colour Block Feature Wall

Blog written by: Chantelle Lourens      
I recently ventured outside of my comfort zone to explore painting with more colour, and I’m so glad I did! Interior colour blocking has been super trendy and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I love this trend because it allows you to embrace your creativity, explore colours/shapes, and create something totally unique if you choose!

Today I’ll be sharing how I designed and painted a boho mural wall in our bathroom.

Materials needed:

Colours used in this project:
Blue-tiful – DR126-0
Fossil Tan – B45-4-0169-0
Here Comes the Sun – B39-6-0034-0
All Decked Out – B41-1-1512-3

Beauti-Tone Foam Paint Roller & Handle
Foam Paint Roller Refills (if needed)
Beauti-Tone 4″ Plastic Mini Paint Trays
Painter’s Tape
Beauti-Tone Signature Series Paint Brush
Magic Eraser
Tape Measure
Colour block feature wall

Here’s How:

Maybe you already have a clear vision in mind of what you want to create but if not, no worries! Search online for inspiration, choose a space you want to get creative with, and think about the shapes, lines and colours you could envision looking at daily.

Put your ideas to paper and sketch out an idea you would like to see on your wall. I borrowed some of my daughter’s craft paper and felt markers to do this, so it certainly doesn’t need to be fancy. Alternatively, you could use chalk to sketch on your wall and a damp cloth to wipe it off after. But be cautious as this could stain your wall.

Once you have a design in mind it’s time to put it on the wall! You can go straight for the painter’s tape, but in my case I found a pencil worked well. I then used a magic eraser to remove the pencil marks.

For my vision, I did a series of half arch shapes. After sorting through a ton of amazing Beauti-Tone paint options, I chose colours that reminded me of a sunset for those relaxing nights in the bubble bath. Beauti-Tone paint was a natural choice as it’s designed to withstand moisture and has great washability for the washroom.

I started by drawing out my vertical lines and spacing them out how I thought they would look nice on the wall. For this, I used a large level to make sure I drew straight lines. I used a tape measure to roughly check my spacing and to get an idea of how large each shape was.

Next, I drew out my arches. Since my design was a little more abstract, I wasn’t worried about total perfection here. I started with my pencil at the top of one vertical line and aimed to connect my arch to the lower vertical line beside it. My elbow was the pivot point that my arm/hand rotated around to create an arch like shape.
I erased any mistakes with a damp magic eraser.

Next, I taped off my arches in sections. Because of the design I chose, this did require me to wait for some sections of paint to dry before I could tape off other parts.

Initially I thought I might save time and have more control free handing the arches but taping them off was definitely less time consuming and more error-proof. To do this I broke the tape off into multiple small pieces and worked around the curved shape.

The green tape on the middle of the wall in my photos acted as a guide and a place for me to write marks down without writing on the wall. This step was not totally necessary.

Paint time! I cut in with my paintbrush on those tough to reach areas and used my foam roller for the rest. I found using a roller along the tape line helped reduce paint bleeding.

For this project I removed the tape as soon as possible and used a cloth to lightly wipe away any imperfections. Once a section was dry, I continued to tape and paint the other areas. I repeated and did a second coat.

After I was all finished, I styled the wall using some simple decor for the time being to really showcase the feature wall. I absolutely love how it turned out and I’m already thinking about where I can paint next! The colours are so pretty and really emphasize the boho vibe I was going for.

You can find the small shelves I used linked here. Don’t hesitate to paint them to match your colour scheme!

Boho mural wall
A few things I’ve learned while exploring interior colour blocking:

Don’t be afraid to be bold! You can choose colours on opposite ends of the colour wheel or choose monochromatic tones.

If you’re feeling extra daring, forget about the old rules of not painting baseboards and hinges and carry your paint over them to completely colour block a certain spot.

Play with the architecture of your home and incorporate it into your design if you can. Or you can even incorporate furniture into it.

Consider making a mural, an arch, or playing with different overlapping shapes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about how I created this colourful boho bathroom wall!
colourful boho bathroom wall
colourful boho bathroom wall
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