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DIY Fall Pallet Projects

DIY Fall Pallet Projects

Blog written by: Chantelle Lourens      

Give me any excuse to partake in Fall or Halloween related activities and I’m here for it! Here are two adorable DIY pallet projects that you can use to decorate for Fall and Halloween. Bonus: kids will love to join in for the painting and decorating.
Wood Pallet Painted Pumpkins
Painted Wood Pallet Halloween themed
What you’ll need:

DIY Pallet Pumpkins

First, we headed to our local Home Hardware store and picked up some 1x6’s. You can also use an old pallet board or 1x4’s. We used a circular saw to cut the 1x6 boards down to 1x4’s. We measured how wide and tall we wanted the pumpkins to be and translated that into how many boards we would need.

Next, we used a chop saw (you can also use a mitre saw) to cut the 1x4’s into the desired height of the pumpkins we wanted (leaving a few extra inches).

We then used old plywood scraps for strapping on the back of the pumpkins which we secured with a nail gun. If you don’t own a nail gun you can also substitute this with screws and a drill, or even a hammer and nails.
Wood Palletts
Wood Palletts and Plywood

After sketching each pumpkin on the boards, we used a jigsaw to cut them out.

Once the pumpkins were created, we sanded away any rough edges or spots.

Wood Pallett Shaped Pumpkins

We painted them with Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte Interior paint in the shade 'Powdered Donuts (WB024-0)'. For some of the pumpkins we used this as a primer before adding kids craft paint. For others we created a rustic look by adding a small amount of paint to the brush and doing crisscross strokes on the boards. I always love using Beauti-Tone paint brushes!

Ellie painted her pumpkins and added glitter. You can also have fun with adding googly eyes, and other craft supplies! Because we used the Beauti-Tone white paint as a base coat the craft paint really popped.

Painted wood pumpkins

After approximately 24 hours we used Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Spray Paint to seal the pumpkins!

I think they turned out super cute and because it was so fun, we decided to do a Halloween version too.

Porch pumpkin decor
painted wood pallett pumpkins

DIY Halloween Sign

The only difference in this project is that we used smooth finish 1x4 pieces of spruce to begin with (no need to cut them down this time). All the other steps are the same!

We cut down the 1x4’s to the desired height of the Halloween characters. After adding the strapping and sanding, we primed them using the same Beauti-Tone Designer Series Matte Interior paint, in the shade 'Powdered Donuts (WB024-0)' we used for the pumpkins.

Next, we used craft paint to draw out some classic Halloween characters. I would recommend using a sharpie or paint pen for the eyes.

After letting it dry for about 24 hours, we used Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Spray Paint again to seal the pumpkins! That’s it.

This DIY is super easy to recreate for any holiday and it also makes for a great gift idea. I’ll definitely be making a Christmas themed one.

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