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Easy Organization Bathroom Revamp

Easy Organization Bathroom Revamp

Blog written by: Allison Weigensberg of Everything In Place    ​​ 
Before the bathroom revamp
After the bathroom revamp

Here’s How

I don’t know about you, but the more time I’ve been spending at home, the more I want to renovate every inch of it! Maybe it’s all the hours that I end up staring at the inside of my house due to the pandemic, or the nesting instinct that naturally comes along with pregnancy, but everywhere I look I see a project.

The space that needs the most organizing love is our master en-suite powder room. It is tiny, lacking storage, and in serious need of a major renovation. Unfortunately, a complete overhaul just isn’t on the agenda for this year, but a quick and easy upgrade was completely doable!

The biggest issue in our washroom is the lack of storage. As a Professional Organizer, this is a common problem I encounter in my client’s homes; too much stuff and not enough space. If this is an obstacle in your home too, the first step is to go through what you have and sort it. Then assess what it is that you actually need and use.

I emptied the contents of the vanity, grouped them into categories, and did a major declutter. I got rid of all the products that we don’t use anymore as well as those that had expired or just needed to be rehomed. The space under the sink got some serious organizing love!

Once you go through what you have in a space it is much easier to figure out the necessary storage solutions. Oftentimes people want to start the organizing process by buying bins and baskets and other organizing gadgets. In my experience, you need to know what you have to be able to accurately gauge the appropriate storage solutions.

After doing a major declutter of the items that had accumulated under the sink, I chose a couple of clear stacking bins with lids for the larger products, a stack-and-carry style bin for my nail products, and a mini-drawer system for easy access to those necessary feminine products.
One of our biggest priorities in this area was to get stuff off the counters. I’m not a big fan of counter clutter. I find that it makes cleaning more difficult and instantly makes the space feel messy. Replacing the existing mirror with a cute medicine cabinet was the easiest way to achieve this. I also wanted to lighten up the space and give it a fresh look, so we gave the walls a new coat of paint and ordered a floating shelf, both for function and aesthetics.

The install of the medicine cabinet and the shelf was super easy, even at 32 weeks pregnant I was able to tackle it fairly quickly. I did need the help of my husband to help hold the cabinet while I secured it into place, so I would recommend having an extra set of hands on-site!
Cabinet and shelf
Once the cabinet and shelf were up it was just a matter of putting everything back and adding a few finishing touches. I made some custom labels for the bins, grabbed a few faux succulents that I already had on hand, then added a super comfy bath mat and cozy grey towels.

I also had a blank wood sign, so I painted a cute message on it and hung it on the wall with a clothes hook. I find that in a small room, where space is at a premium you really want to try and maximize every inch of it, especially the vertical space on your door. I also added some adhesive hooks to the back of the door for my bathrobe and towel.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to draw some inspiration to tackle a nagging space in your home!
Final bathroom look
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