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Here's How to Renovate Your Kitchen with Home Installs

Here's How to Renovate Your Kitchen with Home Installs

For many people, designing a kitchen can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. Fortunately, with Home Installs, you'll work with a Home Installs professional who handles every step of the job for you – from the initial measurements to the final installation and clean-up. It's the same kind of personal touch you've come to expect from your neighbourhood Home store.

For renovating tips without the stress, check out these four hacks from our Home Installs project experts:

1. Replace Hardware and Faucets

With so many finishes available such as gold, matte black, stainless steel and brushed nickel, you can create a sophisticated design simply by updating your outdated hardware. For a modern esthetic, try mixing metals.

This matte black faucet by Moen features contemporary lines and a smooth finish that will mix perfectly with gold hardware.

2. Swap Paint

Often praised as the ‘hero’ in design renovations, paint is a simple solution that offers immediate results.

For the biggest impact, try painting a bold colour as such as “Blue Out of Proportion” (SC176-3),” from the Simon Chang Trend Colour Collection by Beauti-Tone Paint.

Its deep and luxurious hue makes it easy to pair with almost any colour. With a softer neutral such as “Social Light” (SC175-0), you’ll transform a boring wall into a stunning visual.

3. Modern Range Hood

Range hoods are often overlooked which can be a disservice to the overall esthetic of a kitchen.

For an immediate facelift, install a stunning backsplash that stretches from the stove up to the ceiling.

By incorporating a modern range hood, you’ll create the illusion of a taller ceiling.


4. Beautiful Flooring

With a wide range of flooring options, you can achieve the design of your dreams in no time. Start by choosing a pattern to give your flooring texture without being too overwhelming.

The Tatami SPC Plank Flooring from the NinjaXtra Collection is a warm and modern finish that can be matched with nearly any style for an elegant and timeless design.

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