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DIY Wooden Snowman & Christmas Tree

DIY Wooden Snowman & Christmas Tree

Blog written by: Chantelle Lourens      
DIY Wooden Snowmen & Christmas Trees

Here’s How to make a snowman:

Using a chop saw, cut the spruce into 2" x 4" x 8' to 6 1/2", 5" and 2-3 1/2" pieces.

The snowman’s hat can be made with a 1" x 6" cut off. Use the chop saw to cut one piece at 3 1/2” x 2” and another at 5” x 3 1/2”.

Next, sand, glue, and pin nail all the blocks together.

Once assembled we painted the snowman's body with 'Powdered Donuts', the hat with ’Little Black Number’, and used paint pens for the facial features but you can also use a sharpie or regular paint.
Cut spruce into stackable pieces
Stacked wooden blocks
Stacked wooden snowmen

Here’s How to make a Christmas tree:

Using a chop saw, cut the spruce into 2" x 4" x 8’ to 3", 8", 6 1/2", 5", 3 1/2", and 2" pieces.

Next, create a star topper using a 1” x 6” cut off. A cookie cutter makes a great template. Then, cut out the star using a jig saw.

Prop the star on top of the tree using a 1/4" dowel. To attach it use a 5/16" drill bit to drill into the star and the tree, this provides a snug fit for the dowel but also enough space for glue.

Then sand, glue, pin nail each of the pieces. We also recommend clamping until dry.

Once dry, paint the tree using 'Jungle Green' and the star using 'Fairy Tale'.

Have fun experimenting with paint colours and find the colour combination that works perfectly to fit the décor in your home.
Stacked wooden blocks and star
Stacked wooden Christmas trees
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