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Take the Stress Out of Packing and Moving. Here's How.

Take the Stress Out of Packing and Moving. Here's How.

Moving Tips
Packing up and moving doesn't have to be stressful. Whether you're moving out for the first time or you've had plenty of experience, packing and unpacking can be daunting. Adopt these moving tips and tricks to make the job go smoothly, so you can save time, settle in and enjoy your new space.

Practical Moving Tips and Tricks

When it's time to relocate, having a game plan can help to take off some of the pressure. Keep reading to see how these moving hacks can help save you time and effort.

How to Move Out: Prepare Your Moving Supplies and Checklist

Before moving day, it's a good idea to create a moving checklist and make sure you have moving supplies on hand. Planning ahead will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Eliminate clutter. You'll have less to pack and unpack, and you'll feel great getting rid of items you no longer need or want. Consider holding a garage sale to make some extra money or donating your items to charity. 

Create a budget. A budget will help you to account for the various moving costs (such as packing materials, movers, storage and transportation) up front. Planning a budget keeps costs transparent, eliminating financial surprises. 

Plan for and purchase packing supplies. This will prevent you from having to run out for supplies when you're in the middle of packing. Consider the size and number of rooms in your home, how much "stuff" you have and the number of people in your household. 

Packing Checklist 
Consider these packing supplies when prepping: 
Moving Tips
Book early. If you choose to use a moving company, call around to compare prices and make sure you book early. Depending on the time of month and year, movers can book up fast. If you plan to move yourself, determine the type and size of rental truck you need and book it in advance. 

Coordinate utilities. Move, cancel, or add utilities at your existing and new home. This will help with a smooth transition and ensure you're up and running in your new home.

Smart Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

Wondering how to pack effectively? Avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes when packing up your home. Once you're ready to dive in and start, these packing tips will help make moving less of a chore. 

Don't overpack. Extremely heavy boxes are hard to lift and slow you down. Place heavy items like books in smaller boxes and lighter items like bedding and clothes into larger ones. With a mix of items, place heavy items on the bottom and lighter ones on top. 

Protect fragile items. Make sure you wrap fragile items and label the boxes to prevent breakage. You can use packing paper, foam peanuts or bubble wrap. Give thought to what you have handy, from paper towel to newspaper to linens and towels. Don’t leave empty space when packing to prevent items from shifting. 
Moving Tips

Pack boxes by room and label them clearly. This makes unloading easier and lets your movers know where things go. Use coloured labels or markers to colour code for easy identification. 

Pack a moving essentials bag. This is a great way to make sure you have what you need handy after a long day, before you get the chance to unpack. Include items like medications, toiletries, phone chargers and pajamas. You may want disposable plates or cups for a few days use, before you have a chance to unpack your kitchen items. 

Get creative with your packing: 
  • Load small kitchen items in pots to contain them 
  • Fill your suitcases with heavy items 
  • Take pictures of electronics such as your TV or stereo, so you remember how to set it up again. You can also do this with disassembled furniture 
  • Don't dump your drawers. Simply pack them securely with the contents inside, unless they are too heavy to move 
  • Leave hanging clothes on hangers to pack in a wardrobe box. Use garbage bags with a hole at the top like a garment bag. Roll clothes rather than fold so they take up less space

Moving Day Hacks

Moving day will go a lot smoother if you follow these day-of home moving tips. 

Arrange care. Have family or friends babysit if your kids are too young to help out. Line up a pet sitter. You'll be happy knowing they are safely out from underfoot. 

Pack refreshments. You'll want to have water and grab-and-go snacks handy throughout the day. Keep a cooler nearby and pack enough to share. 

Assign duties. It's a good idea to have someone ready at your new home to assist movers as they unload. If you're moving yourself, have someone help with coordinating, loading, and unloading. You'll spend less time running around, saving you time and added cost.
Moving Tips
Moving Tips

Tips for Unpacking After a Move

Whew! Once you are officially moved in, you can begin the process of unpacking. These tips can help you tackle the job with less stress. 

Set a goal. Aim for a certain amount of unpacking each day or pick an end date and plan a celebration. This will prevent you from dragging it out longer than you'd like. 

Pick a room to start unpacking. For example, focus on the bedroom first rather than jumping from room to room. This will give you a sense of progress and keep you focused on the task at hand. 

Clear up as you go. Toss out boxes and packing materials as you finish with them. This prevents clutter and a daunting cleanup job at the end. 

Try to have fun! Order pizza. Blast music. Take breaks to go for a walk or spend time on a favourite pastime. Time will pass more quickly when you inject some fun into your unpacking schedule.

Cleaning Supplies to Keep on Hand

You'll want to have cleaning supplies handy as you pack up and unpack. This way you won't need to run out for supplies last minute or deal with unexpected messes in the moment. 

Check what you have on hand and make a list of what you need. Consider supplies like kitchen and bathroom cleaners, dusters, sponges, putty to fill holes and more.
While packing and moving can be a tedious process, with the right preparation you'll get through it smoothly. Planning ahead will help you keep track of expenses, save time on moving day and ensure your belongings arrive in good condition. Tackle your next move head on and enjoy your new home to the fullest.
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