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Boudoir Chic Headboard

Simon Chang inspired! We used a fabulous tweed fabric from the new Simon Chang Fall Collection.

Boudoir Chic HeadboardSimon Chang inspired! We used a fabulous tweed fabric from the new Simon Chang Fall Collection.

What You'll Need

  • table saw 1346-634
  • drill 1240-062
  • utility knife 1033-229
  • staple gun 1072-403 or electric staple gun 1073-849
  • tape measure 1048-330


  • queen size mattress
  • 5/8" plywood
  • glue 2020-823
  • 1" #8 wood screws (50) 2174-284
  • spray adhesive 2020-075
  • 1" to 2" foam
  • quilt batting
  • 3/8" staples 1072-920
  • upholstery fabric
  • thin cording
  • upholstery needle and thread
  • buttons

Here's How

  1. Cut two 62" x 62" pieces of plywood for a queen size bed.
  2. Stagger the joints and laminate the two pieces together with glue and screws.
  3. Starting from the centre, draw a pattern of squares to suit. Shown are 6" squares.
  4. Drill a 3/16" hole at the corner of each square.
  5. Spray the front of headboard with spray adhesive. Place the foam over the plywood and press it into the adhesive.
  6. Trim edges with utility knife.
  7. Place the quilt batting on your work surface. Lay the headboard foam side down. Put the batting over the top of the headboard, and staple in place on the back. Next, stretch and staple the bottom, and then each side. Check to make sure your batting is smooth. Trim off excess batting.
  8. Place your upholstery fabric face down on the work surface. Make sure the pattern of the fabric is aligned with your headboard exactly as you want it. Working from the centre out, pull the top and bottom fabric to the back, and staple. Working from the centre out, pull the sides to the back, and staple, working side to side. Ease the corners, or fold them for the best appearance. Trim off excess fabric and batting.

Easy TuftingEasy Tufting
Place the cording on the first grid line on the back of the plywood, and staple several times in a zigzag pattern. This prevents the cord from slipping when pulled. Pull the cording over the front of the headboard, and all the way around to the back. Staple in place using a zigzag pattern. Repeat for all horizontal and vertical lines. Thread a long upholstery needle with heavy upholstery thread, doubled. Insert the needle from the back of the headboard, through the front fabric, leaving 3" of thread at the back. The thread should go over the cording. Attach the button and sew the needle back through the plywood hole. Pull the button snug. Staple the two ends of thread to the back of the board. Repeat for all buttons.

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