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BP Canada

Tips for Choosing the Colour of Your Shingles

A roof is a major visual element, sometimes making up a third of the visible portion of a home. This is why it is so important to take into consideration its colour and how well it goes with the house’s exterior surroundings. Making the right choice here can even have a positive impact on the value of a property.

How to choose the right colour?

What are Canada’s favourite roof colours?
Neutral colours are the most popular. Shades of brown, black and grey are the top choice across Canada. There are certain regional differences, however.

At BP, brown and black shingles are tied for first place in Eastern Canada. The Atlantic Provinces prefer black, while homeowners in Western Canada favour a grey-roof look.
Black and brown are the favourite roof colours in Eastern Canada, while Western Canadians prefer grey. 

Though sober hues may dominate the market, anything-but-neutral colours have their own fan base with homeowners looking for something a little different. Red, blue, or green roofs can be found from coast to coast, with a concentration of blue and green in the East.

Monochrome roofs are now a thing of the past. The demand is for shingles with nuances and variations. These can be variations on a theme, like two-tone black, or a mix of colours, like Weathered Rock, which combines, grey, brown, and even blue.
​Homeowners are also choosing more unusual colours.
Architectural shingles are homeowners’ favourite

Offering a textured effect and more visible gradations of the main hue, architectural (laminated) shingles are the most popular seller at BP. That said, classic three-tab shingles, which offer a more uniform finish, still enjoy a certain popularity, especially in the East. 

Is colour really that important?

Wondering if a choice as seemingly trivial as shingle colour can actually have a positive impact on a property and its value? Read on! In addition to giving the homeowner a chance to get involved, the colour of a roof may benefit a property by:
  • Harmonizing with its environment: Grey and black look great in an urban setting. However, shades of brown might blend in better when a roof is surrounded by trees.
  • Standing out from the crowd: In a neighbourhood where most of the roofs are brown, a black or grey roof can stand out and add a spark of originality. 
  • Saving energy: A dark roof that absorbs heat may be preferable in a colder climate, while a lighter-coloured roof that reflects heat could keep a house cooler in a warmer or more sunny areas.
​Climate may be a consideration in your choice of colour.
Choosing the right colour for your roof 

People often choose their roof colour based on their personal taste rather than whether it is a good fit for their house. 

By encouraging homeowners to consider these 3 elements, you are making sure their colour choice will be the result of a sound and informed decision:


In fashion, some colours go better with others, while others clash. The same goes with roofs and house façades. Think of the colour of the façade of the house: light or dark, a solid colour or a blend… Also consider the materials: wood, stone, brick, etc. It is hard to imagine a blue roof on a traditional Canadian-style home!

Keeping in mind those two features (colour and material), check every roof colour against the façade and eliminate the ones that do not go well together.


North or south facing? On the mountainside or in the city? Sun exposure can affect the appearance of shingles. In northern Canada, the sun can bring out cool, blue hues. In more southerly regions, it can give them a more orange tint. These variations can completely change the look of a roof.

Think about your broader surroundings!

The neighbourhood

Now think about your more immediate surroundings. Regardless of whether you live in the city or the country, check if most of the roofs in your area are a similar colour. Do you think the neighbourhood would welcome novelty, or resent its difference? When tasteful, originality can give increase the value of a house. But brash choices can have the opposite effect! 
Try before you buy!

It is not always easy to imagine what a roof will look like based only on a colour sample. That is why we created the Visualizer, an imaging tool that lets you add different roofs to a picture of any house to get a better idea of the final result. Try it out – or better yet, have your clients try it out! It’s free!