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Need New Fencing? Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Type

Need New Fencing? Here’s How to Pick the Perfect Type

Fencing serves a number of purposes. It provides privacy and security, it helps to keep pets and children contained, and a solid fence can act as a sound buffer from road noise. If your yard has a steep hill, there are even stick-built fences that can be customized to suit the yard slope. But perhaps most importantly, the right fencing can also help to beautify your garden and backyard to add curb appeal to your home. Find the right type of fencing for your property and needs in our wide selection of fencing products.

Fencing Options for Privacy, Security and Decoration

Installing fencing is a doable DIY project that can add value to your property. Learn about popular fencing materials and styles to determine the best type for your outdoor living space.

Fence Packages

Our Home Building Centres (HBC) and Home Hardware Building Centres (HHBC) offer customized Fence Packages. If the store you have selected is an HBC or HHBC be sure to visit and review your options.

Find your local Building Centre.

Pressure-Treated Wood Fence

  • Pressure-treated wood is versatile in that it can be painted, stained or left natural
  • It’s treated to deter insects, fungus and rot, helping to extend the look and life of the fence
  • You can find pressure-treated wood in a number of styles, including privacy fences and lattice fence panels

​NOTE: Pressure-treated fence materials require assembly with galvanized or stainless-steel fasteners and hardware.
Pressure Treated Wood Fence

Vinyl Fence

  • Vinyl fencing is low maintenance and withstands weather effects such as fading, rotting and splitting
  • It comes in a range of styles and never needs painting or staining
  • Its versatility and durability make it great for use as security, privacy and decorative fencing


Composite Fencing

  • Composite fencing is a mix of resin or plastic with wood
  • Composite can look like natural wood or stone
  • It is low maintenance and resists insects, splitting and decay
  • Composite is commonly formed from recycled plastics and wood pieces, making it an environmentally-friendly choice
  • It suits most fencing types including security, privacy, ornamental and garden

Ornamental Fencing

  • Ornamental fencing helps to beautify your outdoor space
  • Decorative metal fencing comes in a variety of styles and sizes and has a classic look. A metal fence is commonly made from steel or aluminum that is durable, long-lasting and low maintenance
  • Lattice fencing can also look decorative, either on its own or as a fencing top panel
  • Bamboo fencing is a unique, environmentally-friendly and distinctive choice
  • Ornamental fences often feature decorative elements like scrollwork or post caps
  • Consider adding fence posts and fence post caps for an attractive finishing touch

Lattice Fence

  • Lattice fencing comes in a variety of materials including various wood species, pressure-treated wood and different colours of vinyl
  • Its open design offers shade, airflow and support for climbing plants
  • Lattice is great as a privacy fence and for decorative purposes


Chain Link Fence

  • Chain-link fencing is a functional choice that is easy to install and affordable
  • It’s made from durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel that withstands the elements
  • It comes in a range of heights, roll sizes and wire thicknesses
  • You can add fence slats for privacy, to reduce wind, or to block unsightly areas
  • This fencing type is ideal for use as a security fence, and to keep pets and kids in and animals out


Garden Fence

  • A garden fence is both functional and aesthetic
  • It can add charm to your flower or vegetable garden
  • You can use it as a border to keep animals out, or to create a pet containment area
  • Garden fencing comes in a variety of materials such as steel and wire, or lighter options like plastic
  • It’s available in a range of heights and lengths

Rural Fencing

There are a number of options that make for effective rural fencing.
  • Farm fencing is available in woven, barbed and barbless wire. It is generally galvanized for weather resistance
  • Wire fencing comes in various heights and wire spacing to suit different animals and acreages
  • Electric fencing is normally used to contain livestock. It is often used together with other types of fencing to prevent pressure on the fence
  • Flexible fences that give way when struck helps to minimize leg injuries in larger animals
  • Chicken wire is often used to fence in poultry and small animals like rabbits
  • An invisible fence is ideal for pets that wander. It sounds a sharp alarm and triggers a signal to the pet’s collar if it gets close to the perimeter. Dog fences come in wired and wireless versions
LP Elements Performance

LP: Elements Performance Fencing

LP Elements fencing adds privacy and a striking backdrop to your backyard. It's easy to install so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, rather than working in it. Elements Performance Fencing consists of flat-top engineered wood pickets that are durable throughout all the elements, staying clear of swelling or buckling. The best part? It comes in four stunning shades so you can extend your decorating personality into the outdoors.

HOFT Fence System

If you're a backyard enthusiast looking for an easy fence update, HOFT fencing system is made for you. HOFT fence systems make for an easy DIY. These fence posts and boards simply slide into each other, without the need of any pesky nails or screws. The hardest part of this quick project is choosing one of the stunning finishes to bring into your space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Fence Height

Depending on the purpose, you’ll want to consider the height of your new fence. These guidelines can help you to choose the best fence height for your application:

Privacy Fence: A 6-foot high fence is usually tall enough for creating backyard privacy. It also ensures children and pets are safe.

Pool Fence: Swimming pools on private property usually require a fence. A 4-foot pool fence is standard, but it’s important to check local ordinances.

Ornamental Fencing: To add curb appeal or a boundary to a front yard, consider a 3-foot fence in a decorative or picket style.

Garden Fence: To display flowers or vegetables, a 3-4 foot fence is a suitable height. A see-through fence will showcase your garden. A solid fence will do a better job of keeping out small animals, if they are an issue.

  • Check local by-laws or any Homeowners Association (HOA) regulations. Verify any height restrictions, property setback, property easements and if any permits are required (such as around a pool)
  • Make sure you know your underground utility and property line locations

Get it Right When you Add a Gate

A gate is a practical addition to your new fencing. In addition to providing easy access, it can add a stylish element to a back or front yard fence. When you purchase a gate to go with your new fence, consider the following:

• What size gate do you need?
  • Determine the width and height.
  • Do vehicles (such as riding lawnmowers) need to fit thorough it?
  • Does it need to be tall enough for privacy?
  • Make sure there is enough clearance on the ground, especially if the ground is uneven.
• Does the gate match the type of fence you are installing (colour, material, style, etc.)?
• Where are you going to attach the gate, which way should it swing, and is there enough space for it to fully open and close?
• Does it come pre-assembled for easy installation? Do you want it to?
• Are all hardware components included or do you need to purchase these separately?
  • Do you want individual components or a hardware gate kit?
  • TIP: Make sure the hardware will support the gate’s weight.
• Consider using tools such as a gate handle that allows for safe use with an electric gate.
Browse our selection of gates and gate accessories to get an idea of the parts you need.

You’re now ready to kick off your DIY project and update your property’s fencing. Whether you’re planning to enhance your living space, safeguard your pets and plants or add extra security, we have fencing options to fit the bill. ​

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