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Here’s How to Brighten up Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Lighting

Here’s How to Brighten up Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Lighting

Attractive outdoor lighting will heighten your home’s curb appeal and brighten your outdoor spaces. This guide looks at various outdoor lighting fixture options including solar lights, security lighting and patio lighting, all with an eye to making your home’s exterior more inviting, safe and functional.

Putting the Spotlight on Exterior Light Fixtures

Choosing the right exterior light fixtures begins with understanding your options. A hanging light or flushmount ceiling light is ideal for a covered porch or patio. An outdoor wall light can be mounted on any vertical surface, which makes it a great choice near your front door, garage door, deck or patio. An outdoor post light brings curbside appeal while illuminating a driveway or garden pathway. 
Landscape lighting will add curb appeal, while solar garden lights and hanging patio string lights can add style and personality to your favourite outdoor spaces. 

A primary goal of outdoor lighting is to put the spotlight on dark, unsafe areas. From motion sensor lighting to flood lights, our selection of security lights help to brighten up dark corners and ward off would-be intruders.

Hanging Lights

A hanging light boosts the curbside appeal of a home’s front entryway and brings an eye-pleasing element to porch and patio lighting. Look for an outdoor hanging light that complements the style of your home’s exterior while making the entrance safe and welcoming for visitors. 

TIP: Hanging lights are ideal for a front entrance with high ceilings.

Wall Lights

An outdoor wall light can add an additional layer of lighting to a home’s exterior. A common outdoor light fixture, a pair of attractive wall lights flanking a front entryway can make an attractive statement. 

TIP: Use a wall light to highlight an architectural feature or to add warm ambience to a seating arrangement on a porch or deck.

Flushmount Ceiling Lights

An overhead flushmount ceiling light will illuminate a covered porch, entryway, patio or gazebo. Made for damp locations without direct exposure to the elements, these outdoor lights are ideal for spaces with low ceilings.

Outdoor Sign Lights

Outdoor sign lighting has traditionally been used by restaurants, warehouses and other businesses to illuminate signs. Many of these outdoor light fixtures are adjustable to direct light exactly where needed. 

TIP: Use an outdoor sign light to illuminate your house numbers or put the spotlight on door knockers and doorbells.

Outdoor Post Lights

An outdoor post light is a stylish option for lighting up a walkway. Designed to look like vintage park and street lights, when paired with other outdoor light fixtures, these outdoor lights create a classic look for driveways and pathways. 

TIP: For unique decorative patio lights that don’t need electricity, look to free-standing solar post lights with planter bases.

Secure Your Home or Property with Security Lighting

The goal of security lighting is to make your home safe from unwanted intruders. A dark home is vulnerable to break-ins, so illuminating dimly lit areas around your home and property provides peace of mind. 

Here’s a look at the different types of security lights, the features they offer, and where to use them for the most impact.

Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting

As the name implies, a dusk-to-dawn light turns on and off with the rising and setting of the sun. Equipped with photo sensors that are triggered by the presence or absence of light, these units remain on all night, making them an ideal option for your home security lighting. 

TIP: Opt for an attractive outdoor wall light that can alternate from low-level accent mode that changes to full brightness when motion is detected.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

An outdoor motion sensor light is triggered by nearby movement. When lit, it provides long-range security lighting near backyard sheds, garage doors and walkways. Once movement stops, the outdoor sensor light automatically turns off to conserve energy.

Flood Lights

Flood lights deliver bright illumination to a specific area. A good option for warding off potential intruders, these backyard lights provide a bright, wide-ranging view of a large yard or driveway. 

TIP: Select a wattage that is high enough to illuminate your area, but not so bright that it also shines onto the street or into a neighbour’s window or yard.


A spotlight is a flexible outdoor lighting option that can be used for both security or landscaping effects. Spotlights produce a narrow beam of light that can be concentrated on a driveway, outdoor building or tall tree in the garden. 

TIP: For landscape lighting, look for bright, energy-efficient LED spotlights with ground spikes for stability.

Brighten Pathways and Landscaping with Outdoor Solar Lights

An outdoor solar light is an affordable alternative to conventional electric lighting. Equipped with photovoltaic cells, solar lightstransform absorbed sunlight into energy. Short winter days and cloudiness can impact the operating times of solar lights, but on average they will operate for up to 15 hours. 

TIP: Use outdoor solar lights to save on energy consumption on decks, patios or around gardens and landscaping.

Light the Way with Solar Path Lights

Whether your goal is to add more security lighting near the garage door or light up the pathway along your garden, solar path lights can update the look of backyard pathways and landscaping.

Create Ambience with Solar Deck & Fence Lights

Look to solar deck and fence lights to add a decorative touch to your favourite outdoor spaces. Designed to be mounted on deck posts and featuring decorative post cap designs, these lights can provide welcome ambience to cookouts with friends and family. 

TIP: Mount small solar deck and fence lights to walls, deck rails or fence rails to illuminate stairs, gates or for all-around deck and fence lighting.

Solar Garden Lights Add Flair to Flowerbeds

Decorative solar garden lights bring a bright, whimsical touch to flowerbeds and prized plants. What’s more, these outdoor lights don’t require electricity so they can be placed in different spots throughout the seasons. 

TIP: Use solar garden lights to draw attention to water features, blossoming bushes and trees, or to create unique outdoor pathway lighting to a backyard gazebo or garden.

Patio and Gazebo Lights Set the Tone for Entertaining

When it comes to selecting a patio or gazebo light, there are many different types available. Select one type or combine several styles to create the perfect balance of direct and ambient outdoor lighting. Here’s a few options to consider: 
  • Lanterns can add mood lighting to an outdoor dining table or a seating area  
  • Pendant lights will illuminate a dining or conversation area from above for warm down lighting without the glare 
  • String lights bring personality and a festive glow to a patio, garden or gazebo  
  • Fairy lights will wrap around a tree or patio table umbrella stand to brighten up a festive occasion
Whether looking for the perfect front porch light for the entrance or planning additional security lighting for your backyard, our exterior lighting selection will light up your home’s exterior in style.
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