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Here's How to Tackle Winter Head-On with the Right Snow Blower

Here's How to Tackle Winter Head-On with the Right Snow Blower

If you live in Canada, chances are you could use a snow blower. This handy machine can completely change the way you feel about snow removal. You can use it to quickly remove snow from laneways, driveways and other areas around your home. 

Consider how much snow you get in the winter and how big an area you have to clear. This will help you decide what type of snow blower is best for your snow-clearing needs. 

Explore our selection of snow blowers and get ready to take on this season’s snowfall.

Choose a Snow Blower by Power Source

There are a number of different types of snow blowers to choose from. Pick the one that makes snow removal easiest for you.

Electric Snow Blowers

Electric snow blowers are a popular choice for everyday use. 
  • Great for cities and suburbs 
  • Ideal for clearing patios, porches, walkways and driveways 
  • Work best on smooth, paved surfaces 
  • Lighter, quieter and generally more economical than gas models 
  • Easy-to-use and low maintenance 
  • Best for light snow and smaller areas

13.5Amp 18" Electric Snow Blower

Battery Powered Snow Blowers

Battery powered cordless snow blowers work in a similar manner to normal corded electric snow blowers but with the advantage of easy portability. 

  • Great for use on walkways and driveways 
  • No cords to get tangled or limit your clearing distance 
  • Run on batteries 
  • Light, compact and easier to manoeuvre than gas models 
  • Less powerful than gas models

40 Volt Lithium Ion 16" Cordless Snow Blower

Gas Snow Blowers

Gas snow blowers are the most powerful type of snow blower. They are best equipped to handle heavy-duty jobs quickly and effectively. Gas machines come in different power levels. 

  • Great for rural areas and any area that receives heavy snowfall 
  • Generally, they have greater clearing width and intake heights 
  • Require more maintenance and access to gas 
  • Heavier than other types

420cc 30" Three-Stage Snow Blower

Choose a Snow Blower by Stage Type

Choosing a snow blower by terrain and snowfall is a great start. It’s also helpful to look at the different stage types that snow blowers come in.

Single Stage

You’ll often see a single stage snow blower referred to as a snow thrower. These types of snow blowers feature an auger that directs the snow through a discharge chute in one single movement. 

  • Lightest and easiest to handle 
  • Best on smooth, paved surfaces where they won’t pick up rocks or gravel 
  • Ideal for clearing small and mid-size areas 
  • Available in gas, electric and battery-powered snow blower models 
  • Recommended for light snow removal

179cc 21" Snow Blower


A two-stage snow blower features an auger that lifts snow and an impeller that blows it. This provides more powerful throwing capacity and allows it to clear a wider path. 

  • Suitable for use on gravel or paved surfaces 
  • Recommended for moderate or heavy snow removal 
  • Ideal for clearing large areas

272cc 26" 2 Stage Snow Blower


The strongest type of snow blower, three-stage snow blowers use an accelerator in addition to an auger and impeller. These machines can clear the fastest and throw the farthest. 

  • Suitable for use on gravel or paved surfaces 
  • Handle wet, heavy snow and ice 
  • Ideal for businesses and large rural properties

357cc 26" Three-Stage Snow Blower

Features that Help Make Snow Removal Simple

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of snow blower that fits your needs, consider some of the features that will make snow-clearing easier.

Clearing Width and Intake Height

The clearing width and height intake of snow blowers varies. 
  • Snow blowers with wider clearance widths can clear an area in fewer passes 
  • Higher intake means the snow blower’s auger housing is higher off the ground. A higher intake can handle deeper snow drifts 
  • Greater width and height can make snow clearing quicker and easier

Speed Control

Speed control provides multiple speeds in both forward and reverse, so you can customize the speed of the machine to suit your needs. This can also help prevent clogs in heavy snow.

Electric Start

Many gas snow blowers now feature electric start mechanisms. These replace pull cords, so you can start the snow blower with the touch of a button. This is often faster and easier than attempting to use the pull cord in frigid weather.

Chute Control

Chute control allows you to control the direction of the chute and adjust the direction snow is discharged. This is especially useful when maneuvering around curves.

Drift Cutters

Drift cutters are the narrow steel bands on the sides of the auger. They cut through deep and high snowdrifts, helping you to power through snow quicker and clear it more efficiently.

Power Rating

Check the power rating of the snow blower before you buy it. A more powerful engine (higher cc or cubic centimeter rating) or electric motor (higher amps rating) offers more clearing ability.

Heated Handle

It might seem like a simple feature, but you’ll appreciate a heated handle on frigid winter days. A heated handle offers greater comfort outdoors when gloves just won’t cut it.


For snow clearing in dark or low-light conditions, choose a snow blower with headlights. This is especially useful in winter weather when it gets dark early.

Universal Cab and Covers

If you’re clearing snow in active storms, you may want to consider getting a universal cab or cover attachment to help shield you from snow, wind, and sleet. Cab covers are typically constructed from durable clear vinyl and feature a universal fit that attaches to most medium-large two-stage and three-stage blowers.  

Choosing the right snow blower for the job helps to make quick and efficient work of snow removal. This lets you get the job done properly, so you can focus on what you really want to do, whether it’s enjoying fun outdoor activities or staying warm and cozy indoors. 

Now that you’re ready to clear snow like a pro, all you need to do it choose the right machine for the job. Check out our selection for your perfect snow blower.

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