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Chalk Talk

Chalkboards have suddenly become fashionable. They're no longer only available in black or green. And they're no longer only found in the classroom. Fulfilling a variety of functions, they are being integrated into homes in novel and fresh ways.

Chalk it up to innovation - chalkboards are not only available in black or green. A chalkboard can now be fashionable hues from blues to almost any colour that springs to mind. And they're not only to be found in the classroom either! Closet doors, walls, tables go incognito, matching the colour scheme in the room. Easy water clean up is an added bonus. Try a fresh take on old favourites with these weekend projects.

Sandwich BoardSandwich Board Back

Board With Good Looks

A mobile chalkboard, this is a simple easel design that is terrific for children's playrooms, menu boards, front porches or receptions.

What You'll Need

For The Chalkboard:

  • chalkboard, hardboard cut to size of opening
  • velvet roller kit 1656-425
  • chalkboard paint 1824-103
  • colour: Dusted Mauve: Formula for 1 litre: B:5; D:2; G:14; MX:2 Matches LC035 Mystification

For The Frame:

  • 2" x 3" spruce or pine (in our project, the dimensions are 48" x 24" wide)
  • strap hinge 2357-602
  • chain 5230-225
  • eye screws 2361-634

Step By Step: Chalkboard

  1. Paint the hardboard with chalkboard paint and let dry. Attach to finished easel.

Step By Step: Easel

  1. Cut to desired size.
  2. Assemble with butt joints, then glue and screw together.
  3. Attach shelf with screw from behind.
  4. Paint or finish as desired.
  5. Attach hinges at top corners, eye screws for the chain cut to suitable length

Chalkboard Picture Frame

In Frame

Creating stylish chalkboards is so simple. Recycle an old frame, buy a new one or craft your own.

In this project, I made a 40" x 46" frame.

What You'll Need

For The Chalkboard:

  • 1/8" hardboard cut to size of frame 40" x 46"
  • velvet roller kit 1656-425 (for a nice finish to the chalkboard)
  • chalkboard paint 1824-103 colour: Taupe: Formula for 1 litre: B:4; C:2 1/96; E:1 1/96; G:28 1/96; H:1; Z:2 Matches LC021 Elemental

For The Frame:

  • 16' of 1" x 8" pine
  • 16' of 1" x 6" pine
  • Frame colour: Beauti-Tone LC018 Detail

Step by step: Chalkboard

  1. Paint the hardboard with chalkboard paint and let dry. Attach to chosen frame, either existing or new.

Step By Step: Frame

  1. Cut 1" x 8" to desired size, butt joint corners.
  2. Cut 1" x 6" to size. Butt joint corners to match outside dimensions of the 1" x 8" frame and overlap 1" x 8" joints (see diagram).
  3. Glue to laminate 1" x 8" frames to 1" x 6" frames, and nail together from back.
  4. Paint as desired.
  5. Nail chalkboard in place.
  6. Attach framing wire to hang.

Chalkboard Instructions
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