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Chevrons are the hottest pattern design for your home. This fabulous and affordable paint technique for walls offers a custom wallpaper look for pennies. Change the direction of your décor with this fresh, new look for spring!

ChevronWhat You'll Need

  • tape measure 1048-301
  • automatic laser level 1037-215, or chalk line 1019-196
  • 2" painter's tape 1670-102
  • mini roller paint kit 1656-230
  • paint colours shown:
  • base coat: Let's Get Cozy
  • accent: Cell Off, Feet Up
Here's How

  1. Along the bottom of your painted wall, make a small mark every 18". This will be the distance between the low and high points of your chevron.
  2. If you have an automatic laser level, the next few steps are easy. Aligning the vertical laser line to your first mark, measure up from the floor 6" and make a mark. Moving up by 12" increments, continue to make marks until you reach the ceiling.
  3. Align the vertical laser level to the next line, this time making a mark 12" from the floor and continuing, again, to make a mark every 12".
  4. Continue to alternate between a 6" and 12" starting mark until your wall is filled. Note: If you don't have an automatic laser level, you can measure across the top of your wall repeating the 18" marks you made along the bottom. When you're making your vertical marks, make sure the top and bottom marks align using either the tape measure or by snapping a chalk line.
  5. Moving across the bottom of the wall first, tear a strip of 2" painter's tape just long enough to reach from one mark to the next, aligning the top of the tape to each mark.
  6. When you've reached the end of the wall, move up to the next mark and continue back across the wall, only this time aligning the bottom of the tape to each mark. Continue alternating each row.
  7. When the entire wall has been taped, run your finger over each tape edge, pressing firmly to create a tight bond.
  8. Using a paint roller, apply your chevron paint colour to each of the tallest/thickest rows.
  9. Before your paint dries, carefully peel off the tape to reveal a wonderfully sharp-edged chevron pattern.
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