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​You can’t go wrong if you just go with the flow!

Do the words home improvement send your heart all aflutter or is it more of a sinking feeling? Whether you are contemplating a reno or renew, big project or small, there are some great tricks to help you reduce stress and perhaps even love the process. At the very top of that list is to go with the flow, and by that we mean think about your home in terms of how it flows.

Step one, and arguably the most important consideration when tackling any décor project is YOU. What do you love? What is your personality? How do you use your space? How do you want your space to look and feel?

Is calm and simplicity your thing? If that’s the case, you might create flow with one single colour. This technique helps make your space feel larger, uncluttered, even spa-like as walls flow seamlessly across woodwork, ceiling and even from room to room.

Perhaps, though you’re more about visual diversity; celebrating each room’s distinct personality. For you, flow may come in different colours and even different undertones with a design component grounding them, tying them together. While it is important for all of the colours to relate to each other, repeating colour in the details such as fabrics or home décor items can help you create harmonious magic. Think three! Looking at the main living areas, you could choose a dark colour for the kitchen and go with a lighter yet complementary shade in the living/dining room. Use your dark colour in cushions or furniture in the living area and your light colour for kitchen accents. Then, to tie it all together, choose an altogether different and perhaps vibrant colour to add pops of drama throughout the entire space. Go as brave and bright as you dare – orange, yellow, turquoise, white, black – so that those pops really stand out.

Another helpful hint is to find new appreciation for the architectural elements of your home. Use dividing walls to your advantage, helping you differentiate space with colour. In open-concept homes create visual divides to help celebrate each room’s personality. Accent walls are a great way to achieve both distinction and flow.

But the best trick of all is, once you know the rules, feel free to break them. It’s your home after all and yours to do with what makes you happy. Rules are there to help you understand how colours, undertones, and flow work. Once you’ve got all that sorted, go with your gut – save what you like, toss what doesn’t make you happy. That’s a reno done perfect!


If you are looking for some help choosing colours that flow, check out BeautiTone’s Design Roots Collection. Design Roots is a complete colour system, made up of 144 gorgeous colours each with its own oversized and information-packed colour chip. Each chip includes a description, undertone, the energy that the colour will bring to a room, plus two beautifully perfect accent colours to help create a flawless overall look and feel.​

Weekend Bliss  DR116-4​

​Makes happiness second nature
cool - soothing Blue with green undertones

Accent Colours
LRV Stands For Light Reflectance Value
LRV measures the percentage of light that a paint colour reflects or absorbs. The scale goes from 0 to 100 %. Black is 0% absorbing all light and heat, while white is 100% reflecting all light. Architects, engineers, interior designers and colour consultants use LRV’s to determine how light or dark a room will appear. They use LRV’s for people who have impaired vision. The standard is to use colours that are 60% or higher. LRV’s also help with energy efficiency. Lighter colours require less lighting or air condition. Low LRV’s require more artificial lighting, however in the winter the room feels warmer. Conclusion paint your rooms twice a year Please note: we need to caution our consumers who paint or stain their decks, exterior chairs or exterior entrance doors. Using dark colours, especially the trending black can burn the skin when it is in direct sunlight.