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Delicious Delights

This palette offers a scrumptious collection of hues from dark to light, ideal for a kitchen refresh. A warm and cool duo of neutrals harmonize with the darkest shade of chocolate brown, duck egg blue and a soft tinted white. Grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the versatility of this collection as we show you selected combinations for an array of kitchen styles.


Film Noir

Dreaming of the Day

Oak Tone

Cyprus Spring

Weathered Totem


Working with the lightest hues of the palette, the subtle Cyprus Spring is an ideal base color to brighten and bring an uplifting mood to your kitchen. For a hint of warmth, Oak Tone is an easy neutral for refreshing kitchen cabinets, whilst wood accent furniture in Dreaming of the Day adds a soft touch of color to your culinary space.

For smaller kitchenettes a completely neutral paint scheme creates an illusion of added space. A combination of Weathered Totem and Oak Tone make for a relaxed, contemporary style. Keep kitchen fixtures and metal finishes in neutral hues of gray, and for a touch of warmth, add polished warm wooden table and chairs.

A deliciously dark hue completely transforms larger kitchen and dining areas. Try Film Noir, a dramatic, shaded brown for a sophisticated style. Follow this refined paint scheme and work a color block technique in Weathered Totem and Dreaming of the Day for kitchen cabinets. Pair with leafy foliage and crisp white counters for a bold finish.

Whether you’re drawn to striking darks, laid-back neutrals or the light and airy, this palette has a colour combination to breathe new life into your kitchen whatever your interior style. Get inspired by this month’s colours and get decorating!