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Entertaining at the Cottage
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Entertaining at the Cottage

​Entertaining at the cottage is a great way to connect with friends and family. With a few extra party supplies, you will enhance your guests’ experience and help create memories that last a lifetime.

Patio Coolers

On a hot summer day, your drinks need to stay cold and accessible for your guests to enjoy.

The 56-quart slated wood patio cooler is the perfect solution for the job. It has a nice deep basin that will keep your drinks cold for hours along with a drain and plug to make clean-up a breeze.

The wooden-framed cooler sits low to the ground, functioning as a table with the lid closed and has a built in bottle opener for added convenience.

The beautiful grey-wash finish fits many décor schemes for any patio or home.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are great to have when the sun sets and the temperature drops. Plus, who doesn’t love making s’mores? It is important to check with your local municipality to learn about their campfire bylaws before purchasing a fire pit. When you are all set, here are three great options to choose from:

The 14 gauge campfire ring is made of high quality steel with high heat baked on powder coating.

The ring goes into the ground to surround the fire and keep it contained.

Simply dig a pit that is at least a foot deep so you have a more secure area around the campfire.

You will also need at least 15 feet clearance around the fire pit from anything flammable.

The Athena Outdoor Wood Fire Pit is an urn style with a rubbed bronze finish and a durable steel construction.

It is crafted with a wood grate inside to increase circulation and a wire mesh top to reduce heat and sparks.

A cooking grill is included for easy barbecuing.  ​

The Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace is the largest of the three and is made with a durable cast iron construction and a fine wire mesh.

The chimney is equipped with a spark arrestor and rain cap for added protection.

Best of all, the fireplace provides a 360 degree view of the fire and comes with a cooking grill.

Outdoor Games

Games are key to breaking the ice or keeping your guests active throughout the day. The Ladderball, Washer Toss and Beanbag Toss games are fun and can be highly competitive. Plus they are appropriate for almost all ages.

If you are looking for another option beyond games, the 80-foot zip line from Ripline will be a huge hit. The zip line has a seat but does not come with a seatbelt. Instead, it is armed with a strong galvanized steel cable and durable steel trolley. It’s hardware can connect to trees or posts and holds up to 250 pounds.

Mosquito Protection

The list of things that make summer great is endless – but mosquitoes do not make the cut. Keep yourself and your family protected from itchy bites with the Mosquito Shield Piactive Deet Free Repellent. It provides 12-hour protection against mosquitos, ticks and black flies. The spray is not scented, non-oily and gentle on skin so you are not constantly reminded that you are wearing it.

With these great tools, you set the stage for a fun summer afternoon at the cottage by keeping your guests hydrated, warm, active and protected. ​

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