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Fabulous Whites

Have you caught yourself literally staring at your walls and thinking, “yup, I’m over that look!” If that’s your reality, great news! Not only is this the perfect time for a décor do-over, it’s also the perfect time to switch things up and embrace a fabulously simplified “less is more” vibe by focusing on the beautifully versatile (not technically a) colour, white.

What, white!!! Fear not. Success with this approach may be bit more involved than heading to the paint section and asking for white paint, but it’s well worth the results, especially when you have the perfect selection of gorgeous hues all ready for you. BeautiTone’s Essential Whites Collection of 42 different, yet equally gorgeous whites is the monochromatic answer to yesteryear’s colour over-saturation.

Wall art
Living room fireplace
Neutral white colours
Dining room

Besides cool and warm whites, this feast of fabulous yet simplistically colourful whites includes deeper neutral hues that can bring depth and atmosphere to a room. The Collection includes a shout-out to the white tone that represents each of the perfect taupe, greige and grey shades. Don’t Tell A Soul, a versatile vogue colour that works wonders with any style of home décor is “The Perfect Taupe.” Ashen, a magical neutral combination of grey and beige can be used interchangeably with both cool and warm colours making it “The Perfect Greige.” Finally Cool Moon, a modern and refreshing soft grey that adds a bit of depth but can still brighten a room is “The Perfect Grey.”

To ensure you don’t create an environment that feels sterile and cold, let your surroundings help determine what the best shade of white is for your home. Like all colours, whites have subtle nuances and undertones. Consider the natural light, surrounding décor, furniture, and the overall vibe of your home when making your selection.

BeautiTone’s Essential Whites Collection’s oversized information-rich paint chips use colourful descriptions and undertone identifiers to help you navigate each of the 42 whites.

And when it comes to application, don’t underestimate the power of different saturations of the same colour. For whites and neutrals, full-strength might work best on your walls complemented by half-strength on the ceilings and double-strength on the doors and trims. Also experiment with contrasting different paint finishes like matte and high gloss in the same colour to add a unique element to any space.

If you’re thinking this just seems like the perfect year to try this wonderfully fresh look, be fearless, have fun and if you have any reservations, be sure to ask your Home Hardware BeautiTone paint specialist for assistance.

Colours may vary slightly from the actual paint. Please refer to the paint chip at your local Home Hardware Store.

Fabulous white colour collection