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Floor Care Article

Home Professional Floor Care

A successful floor-care program includes well trained staff, proper maintenance procedures and equipment to maintain the floor quality and appearance.

Floor Preparation and Floor Stripping:

​Floor Preparation and Floor Stripping: Complete removal of old floor finish is the first key to a great refinishing job. Scheduled floor stripping occurs every 1 to 3 years.
  • Remove all furniture.
  • Remove gum and other foreign material with a putty knife.
  • Dust mop or vacuum the floor.
  • Place stripping pad or brush on floor machine.
  • Dilute Professional Floor Stripper in a bucket at recommended dilution.
  • Professional Floor Stripper is concentrated, fast-acting and low odour and strips multiple coats quickly.
  • Dip mop head into stripping solution.
  • Apply liberally to floor surface 9-18m2 (100-200ft2) at a time.
  • Starting at the edges and allow to dwell on the floor for 10 minutes.
  • Do not allow the stripper to dry and apply more if necessary.
  • Use stripping pad and a single disc floor machine in a side to side motion or an autoscrubber in a forward motion.
  • Use hand scrub pads to detail strip along edges with a forward motion.
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum or autoscrubber to pick up stripper from the floor.
  • Floor should look evenly dull with no shiny areas.
  • If shiny areas on floor remain, repeat stripping procedure.
  • Damp mop or autoscrub floor with clean water and Professional Neutral Cleaner. A neutralized floor gives a much better bond of finish to the floor.
  • Ensure all residue is removed from floor and baseboards prior to applying floor finish.
Professional Neutral Cleaner is a super concentrated, safe, no rinse formula with a neutral pH for daily routine floor care. It has been specifically formulated to leave no dulling film. Will not harm paint and is completely compatible with all floor finishes. Can be used in an autoscrubber.

Floor Finishing and Sealing:

Resilient floors require floor finish and sealer to add protection and enhance appearance. Professional Floor Finish & Sealer products provide excellent shine, long-lasting protection, durability and slip resistance.
  • Verify that floor is dry, clean and that all the old finish has been removed.
  • Dust mop or vacuum the floor.
  • Have clean bucket with plastic liner and clean or new finish mop available.
  • Put plastic bag (liner) into the bucket and fill with Professional Floor Finish & Sealer.
  • Dip mop into the finish and carefully wring out the excess finish. Your mop should be well saturated but not dripping
line drawing
  • Apply a thin coat of finish to the floor. Edge a 9m2 (100ft2) area by applying along edge of baseboards first. 
  • Cover remaining area using figure 8 strokes.
  • Be sure to cover entire floor by overlapping strokes. Turn mop head often and redip in finish before mop head dries to avoid streaks.
  • Proceed until entire floor area is completed. 
  • Once the first coat is fully dry (approximately 30 minutes) apply 2nd coat. 
  • Follow the same procedure as with the first coat by stay 6 inches from baseboards. 
  • Fill in the middle with figure 8 stroke
  • For best results apply 4 or 5 coats of finish to achieve maximum protection and gloss. Although the number of coats applied may vary by product, your goal is to apply 100% solids on the floor
Coats of Finish to Achieve Maximum Protection and Gloss
  • Pro-18 x 5 coats = 90%
  • Pro-23 X 5 coats = 93% 
  • Pro-25U x 4 coats = 100%
  • Pro-25U has the highest solids while being enhanced with urethane. This saves cost of labour as you are applying 4 coats of finish versus 5 for the Pro-23 and Pro-18.

  • Pro-18 is an easy to apply, versatile, self-sealing floor finish formulated with 18% solids and will work with any maintenance method and equipment on resilient and non-resilient floors. It delivers optimum value and performance and great off-the-mop gloss. Provides long term protection with a high gloss finish.
    Pro-23 is a self-sealing 23% solids formula for professional gloss and durability. This tough and durable, high solids formula is for use on resilient and non-resilient floors. Provides long term protection with a superior high gloss finish.
    Pro-25U with Urethane is a self-sealing, 25% solids, high gloss finished that is designed to deliver an ultra-durable floor finish. This high-solids formula gives the long-lasting wet-look floor with fewer coats.
    It provides maximum, long-term protection with superior durability for high traffic areas.