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Gentek EnergyPlus QUATTRO Glass

New ENERGY STAR Ratings for Windows and Doors – Goodbye Climate Zones, Hello Maximum Energy Savings

In the past, determining the best window and glass package to meet ENERGY STAR certification was based on a host of performance test results – such as U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Air Tightness and Energy Rating – along with the specific Climate Zone location where the windows or patio doors would be installed.

As of five years ago, Canada had three Climate Zones based on temperature and weather conditions, with Zone 3 comprising the coldest climate and Zone 1 the mildest conditions. However, the challenge remained to ensure consumers didn’t simply look for an ENERGY STAR designated product, but explicitly that the product was ENERGY STAR certified for their specific climate zone.

Problem Solved!

Beginning January 2020, Canada established a single, uniform ENERGY STAR fenestration performance requirement for the entire country. The certification standard is based on the coldest climate of the nation, which further ensures optimal energy savings performance in all regions and climates. If a window or door is ENERGY STAR certified in Canada, it is certified for the entire country. Choosing ENERGY STAR rated windows and doors is now simpler, smarter, better.

Introducing EnergyPlus™ QUATTRO Glass Package

Gentek replacement windows with EnergyPlus glass are expertly crafted to meet the tough demands of Northern climates, while letting the warmth and beauty of natural light shine through. EnergyPlus is specially formulated with insulating properties for optimal thermal protection and energy efficiency. The precision-engineered Low-E (low-emissivity) glass retains heat inside the home during cold winter months and reduces solar heat gain in the summer. Combined with the Super Spacer® structural foam spacer and insulating argon gas, EnergyPlus delivers an excellent Energy Rating (ER) for reduced energy use year-round. For even greater energy savings, Gentek has introduced EnergyPlus QUATTRO – a dual-glazed insulated glass package that can achieve triple-pane performance and meet the latest ENERGY STAR requirements.*
  • QUATTRO features two surfaces of Low-E technology; reflects heat back into the home interior and significantly increases ER Value
  • Available for Regency® 400, Regency®, 80 Series, A680 and more Visit your local Home Hardware Building Centre for details about the new QUATTRO glass package, the newest innovation in EnergyPlus glass technology.
Visit your local Home Hardware Building Centre for details about the new QUATTRO glass package, the newest innovation in EnergyPlus glass technology.

*Exceptions may occur when certain window options are ordered; consult your local Home Hardware Building Centre for details.

Note: Regency and Regency 400 is unavailable in British Columbia. Visit your local Home Hardware for more details.