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Greensand Electronic Iron + Sulphur + Manganese Filter

Greensand Electronic Iron + Sulphur + Manganese Filter

  • Item # 3115-302
  • Model # CGFE948
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Hydrogen Sulphide gives water an obnoxious "rotten egg odour" that can make it unbearable to drink, cook with or bathe in. It also promotes corrosion and tarnishes silver. Higher concentrations are flammable & potentially poisonous. Manganese is most often present in iron-laden waters. In concentrations over 0.05 mg/L (PPM), it causes black deposits on plumbing fixtures and laundry. Iron, in concentrations over 0.3 mg/L (PPM), causes reddish-brown deposits (stains) on laundry, dishes, utensils, glassware and appliances like dishwashers, washing machines etc. It can also cause deposits in pipes, pressure tanks & water heaters reducing the available water flow and pressure. Often two or all three contaminants appear together in water requiring separate treatment units that add to cost and maintenance. Rainfresh GREENSAND filter is specifically designed to remove all three or either contaminant – Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide. Installed after the pressure tank, Rainfresh Greensand filter delivers, clear, clean water by reducing the contaminants to negligible levels.

Details + Specification

  • High capacity media can reduce ferrous (clear water) Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide (rotten egg odour)
  • Fully automatic electronic controls
  • Chemical tank included
  • Includes bypass valve
  • Non-consumable media
  • Designed for whole-house installation
  • No red/brown or black stains to clean up
  • Cleaner bath tubs, showerheads, laundry, faucets and sinks
  • Easy to use and program
  • Low maintenance
  • Long media life
  • 54" h x 10" w x 13.5" d **NOTE** Hook up fittings not included
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