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Halloween Projects: Web Master

Halloween Projects: Web Master

Bring out your spidery senses with these amicable arachnids, crafted with kid friendly papier maché.

Bring out your spidery senses with these amicable arachnids crafted with kid friendly paper maché.

Web Master

What You'll Need

Here's How

  1. Blow balloon up to the size of your spider body. Tie off.
  2. Cut newspaper in 1" wide strips.
  3. In a large bowl mix one part white glue to four parts water.
  4. Place a few strips at a time in the bowl to coat with mixture.
  5. Lay strips over balloon as smoothly as possible. Cover the balloon approximately three times with paper strips. Tie string around end and hang to dry. (Caution: Put something underneath the hanging spider bodies to catch the glue drips.)
  6. Let dry and repeat to add another 2 layers. Hang and let dry.
  7. To make the legs (small): Cut eight legs from foam filler approximately 9" long. Cut a 24" piece of wire for each leg and wrap around the foam as shown. Mark and make a small hole on body for position of legs. Place hot glue at each leg spot and attach the leg. Let dry. Spray spider black.
  8. Mark positions for the eyes. Cut an opening for eyes with a hobby knife (an adult should do this). Run hot glue around the opening and push a ping pong ball into place. Paint on eyes and mouth with black and white paint. Bend legs into position.

To make your spiders fly, attach an eye screw with hot glue and suspend with fishing line.

Note: To make huge spiders, the legs may have to be crafted from pipe wrap. To attach the legs, insert wire a similar gauge to coat hanger wire through the spider body to form eight legs. Cut pipe wrap in half. Hot glue around the top of each leg and push on the pipe wrap. Let dry and bend into position.